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Jun Senoue Will Be Doing Team Sonic Racing’s Music

The latest issue of Famitsu has some more details on Team Sonic Racing. A lot of the details have been covered before, but there was one new thing that some of you may be excited to hear. It was revealed that Jun Senoue will be doing the music for the game. Senoue is most known for working on the music for games such as Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. He’s also the songwriter and lead guitarist for Crush 40. Jun Senoue’s latest work is audio engineering for Sonic Mania, as well as recording coordination and guitars for Sonic Forces.



  1. I was first introduced to Crush 40 back when I played Shadow the Hedgehog. Have they been involved with Sonic even longer than that game’s age?

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    1. They worked on Sonic Adventure’s OST. I’m not sure if they did anything g before that, but they have done covers of some older ones for sure

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      1. I think they made the music of Sonic and the Black Kinght on the Wii


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