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The “Shocking” Splatoon News Is For Spy Gear You Can Use

You may remember that we heard a few weeks ago about some “shocking” Splatoon news and everyone was wondering just what Nintendo has in store for gamers. Nintendo said that it was a baseless rumour but that didn’t stop the fans from speculating. Well, it turns out the so-called “shocking” Splatoon news is that some Spy Gear is coming to Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch. The July issue of CoroCoro Comic will tell you how you can acquire the new gear. The issue is available from the 15th of June.



14 thoughts on “The “Shocking” Splatoon News Is For Spy Gear You Can Use”

  1. I somehow doubt that’s all there is to it. We wouldn’t get a notice about this a month in advance if it was just this.

  2. I think we need to just dismiss anytime we hear about “shocking news” from Japan unless it comes from an official source. The same thing happened recently about Pokémon and it was just the same info we’d had a few days before

  3. “Details of how to acquire the gear will be in the July issue of CoroCoro Comic which is available from 15 June 2018”

    Man I hope this isn’t like the Emperor Gear or the 7-Eleven stuff. Code unlocked gear that’s region locked sucks.

  4. Lol I don’t know how to feel. Was prepared for nothing, but expected something big if we did get something.

  5. Um, yeah, you all know of Gamevice’s lawsuit? They’re trying to get the USITC to see if it infringes on the Tariff Act of 1930. Please answer, will this mean that Gamevice will win? Sorry, just really worried!

      1. But to answer your question; Don’t worry, there is no way Gamevice will get the Nintendo Switch Banned. Worse case scenario; They will have to pay Gamevice some money for every Nintendo Switch they sell which for Nintendo will be chicken feed and that’s even assuming Gamevice even wins to begin with which they have tried before and it’s gone nowhere.

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