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Nintendo Says That The “Big Splatoon News” Is A Baseless Rumour

Yesterday an article circulated stating that huge Splatoon related news would be coming on June 9th. However, Spanish publication Nintenderos reached out to Nintendo for clarification and was told in no uncertain terms that it is simply a baseless rumour.

“Although we do not normally comment on rumors and speculation, we can confirm that, contrary to the rumors circulating since yesterday, the Japanese weekly magazine in question has not written any article about an announcement related to Splatoon for June 9. With which, it is a baseless rumor.”

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  1. Can’t wait for Emily Rogers to give one of her “rumors” while stating that she could be wrong so that if she is wrong, no one blames her.

    1. ||The First Order and NERD put her as irrelevant long ago…||

      1. That’s good to hear. By the way Commander, have you played any Metroid game recently? I am waiting for posible E3 news about Metroid Prime 4 before I start to play Prime Trilogy again.

        1. ||No, too busy with Splatoon 2 these days, But potential revisiting Metroid Prime Trilogy before Metroid Prime 4, also, prepare for a few unconfirmed rumours in the near future…||

      2. Indeed, already Emily Rogers appeared from her hideout and stated a safe guess as always Lol XD

  2. Well there’s that. Woulda been cool but I was wondering why it was announced a month before if it really was big news that would shock the world. I was thinking a week max 😋

  3. My take Is that this is another clue from Nintendo “Baseless Rumour” is literal, as in no bases, as in a battle royale mode

  4. Please mynintendonews, dont ever use Nintenderos as a source. Their use too much rumor, and dubtable source for their news. If you continue to use nintenderos as an source your quality news will drop down.

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