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Video: Blade Strangers For Nintendo Switch New Extended Cinematic

Nicalis has given us another look at the recently announced Blade Strangers which is destined for the Nintendo Switch this summer. The extended trailer released today includes all the recently revealed characters including Quote, Isaac and Shovel Knight.

“This is the COMPLETE version of the animated intro from Blade Strangers, the epic indie crossover fighting game from Nicalis, coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam in the summer of 2018. It includes the four newly announced “special guest” characters: Gunvolt, Quote, Isaac and Shovel Knight! Developed in Japan by Studio Saizensen, Blade Strangers is an arcade-style brawler with intuitive controls, stunning character animation and a diverse roster of playable characters from Cave Story+, Code of Princess EX and Umihara Kawase, among other surprise entrants.”



  1. This trailer is ok but I’m sad for one thing… With all of these indie characters in this game it means they will not appear in Smash 5.


    1. Not necessarily. No developer is going to be asked if their character can be a fighter in Smash and reply with “Sorry, they are already in Blade Strangers :/”

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    2. Why would you want these characters in Smash?

      Adding indie characters just because they had five seconds in the spotlight would ruin the brand, the point of Smash Bros. is that it is an all-star rooster, adding every other almost-famous character from two weeks ago would denigrate the brand.

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      1. I think in the new Smash we will see only few new characters and those news are from First and Third party companies


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