Nintendo Switch

SEGA Says That They Have 22 Game SKUs Planned For The Next Fiscal Year

Ever since the Nintendo Switch launched last year, SEGA has been very supportive of it. Well, the company’s 2018 fiscal year financial results came in earlier today. In it, SEGA discusses a plan to “launch 22 game SKUs next year, of which 22 in the west and 9 in Japan”. According to DualShockers, “in this kind of report different platforms are counted separately, and North America and Europe often get additional platforms”. This is why the number is so high for the west.

But that’s not all. SEGA also “aims to continue strengthening global releases of Japanese games and to create new IPs”, so it seems that not every single SKU will be a returning IP. It’s very likely that the Nintendo Switch is involved with at least one of these SKUs, so we’ll let you know of any further developments. With E3 about a month away, we won’t have to wait for very long.




  1. Best Hopes:

    New Skies of Arcadia. New Phantasy Star released in the West. Other new entries in old but beloved franchises.

    Realistic probablity:

    17 digital only rereleases of Genesis games.

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  2. Are the talking about Ages re-releases? I have a heard time believing that Sega is going to crank out two new games a month all year… Hopefully I’m dead wrong. I would love a resurgence.


  3. New games starring Burning Rangers, Daytona USA/Sega Rally, or Nights into Dreams please
    A Panzer Dragoon collection or Technosoft collection with Hyperduel is also appreciated
    Would love Shining Force 3 collection for current consoles, but I doubt they would go through the effort of dealing with Camelot and retranslating everything. The retranslation for sega saturn is great though.


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