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Japan: Kirby Star Allies Has Now Sold Over 500,000 Copies

The latest Japanese sales data estimates have been released by Dengeki Online. One Nintendo game in particular has reached a brand new milestone. As of May 6th, Kirby Star Allies sold 501,288 copies in Japan. Because of this, the game has now surpassed the 500,000 milestone. The sales data does not include digital downloads, and it does not include sales from other countries.


26 thoughts on “Japan: Kirby Star Allies Has Now Sold Over 500,000 Copies”

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      1. Disagree completely. The 3ds titles (Robobot especially) is, in my opinion, the best in the series right next to super star.

        1. I agree with you but I also think Star Allies is a solid experience. Its not “terrible”. Its competent, beautiful, just as lengthy, incorporates multiplayer better than last entry, the level design is solid entry level stuff, final boss is cool, soundtrack is great imo. Its FINE. Its enjoyable if you’ve enjoyed the rest. I agree that Planet Robobot is best of the modern titles and ha… Nothing touches KSS that beautiful classic but ppl saying this game is abysmal are taking it too far imo. Its ok to be disappointed its not next level Kirby but its clear Hal is throwing out just another solid title to introduce folks to Kirby and take advantage of the Switch’s local multiplayer trends. I’m hoping their next title us more ambitious tho. Still hoping for a 3d Kirby or something.

          1. Exactly. Its FINE. I dont think settling for medicore titles is ok though imo. Mario doesnt get a pass with the new super mario bros games so why should kirby? Sure star allies is probably better than those in most aspects but i feel they’re playing it way too safe by being samey. Hal either needs to try something new with 2d kirby or give up on it and finally dive in to 3d.

            1. I rather have a solid new entry that’s safe versus shit like Star Fox Wii U. Its another notch on the belt of a blemish-free franchise. I get the mediocre argument but I don’t think Mario is a good example. There has to be a continuous release of titles regardless of time but great titles require a lot of development and sometimes more time. The safe but solid titles are the in between releases before we get the milestone titles. From NSMBWii we later get the amazing Mario Maker and later we get Mario Odyssey. Rtdl was fine but from that foundation we get the stellar Planet Robobot. Judging from the Star Allies’ overworld maps, 3d is being considered and developing.

              Not every title gonna be a milestone title and its not even realistic to expect that of every title. Especially when those developer gotta release something every year or more often.

              Also if this game is someone’s first Kirby its also more than good for an entry point.

              I think the game’s a solid B+ which for some folks is mediocre I guess. I’m fine and optimistic cause Hal and Nintendo have built before from safer but solid games and also because I rather have more good games than experimental but ACTUAL abysmal crap. Granted if Hal comes out with another game after another game like Star Allies that legit don’t change more than sure. Ill be more alarmed.

              1. That’s fair. I do prefer an average experience over garbage. Havent even considered the 3d maps in star allies. Lets just hope kirby’s future is bright on switch

      1. It’s not awful. Anyone who says that is exaggerating.

        It’s a little more multiplayer-focused compared to other Kirby games, so you might not get as much mileage out of it single-player wise but it’s still good. I’ve played nothing but single player and been just fine. Graphics and music are great as usual, and the level design is as good as previous Kirby games.

        So never believe anyone who calls it “awful”.

      2. “The game difficulty is even for kirby standarts too low.”

        The entire franchise was designed around making a platformer so easy that everyone can play it all the way through.

        “The game’s lenght fits a 30 dollar price range.”

        This is kind of a bizarre way of measuring. I’ll bet it’s longer than many games that go on “Top 10 all time” lists. Do you also rate movies based on their length? Is a 3 hour movie better than a 90 minute movie?

  2. Despite the hate this game gets. It’s good just very different in ways compared to other kirby games. This one is beautiful, I love the friendship hearts to enemies and the co op. However it was relatively short.

  3. I wish we were talking about Xenoblade 2 sales… anyway it is a fun game, my only complaint would be that it is an easy game, it should have a little more challenge.

    1. Kirby is an entry level title. Do a True Arena if you want challenge. Rather know about Kirby sales than Xenoblade 2. Its probably doing as good as any niche jrpg that looks like that can do.

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