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E3 2018: Octopath Traveler Trailer

Square Enix gave us all another look at the forthcoming Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch during their E3 2018 presentation. It was a short trailer, but it highlighted the multiple classes available in lengthy RPG which is scheduled to be released next month exclusively on the platform.

5 thoughts on “E3 2018: Octopath Traveler Trailer”

    1. For the life of me, I don’t understand why they didn’t include HP bars under the enemies. The turn-based JRPG genre is notorious for being heavy on stats, skills and specific numbers for in-game mechanics, yet Octopath Traveler lacks this specificity, even though it’s being produced by the same guy who worked on Bravely Default and Bravely Second. When you level up in battle, you can’t see stat increases for the party members. Weapons/items don’t have specific stats displayed either in shops. The help text displayed for battle commands and abilities is also very generic. And I understand that some people prefer not knowing the enemy’s HP because it makes it more difficult, but at least give the player an option either through a Tattle ability or something. I’d rather waste a turn in the battle to display the enemy’s HP bar, rather than deal damage over 20 turns trying to figure out how much longer the fight is going to take. And here’s another feature that annoys me — why can’t you turn off random wild encounters? Alongside the HP bar, this is another option that was included in the Bravely series that is no longer available in Octopath. I understand they’re including a fast-travel option now based on player feedback of the demo, but if I want to explore a cave or dungeon for missing items or hidden areas, I shouldn’t have to worry about running into wild enemies every 10 steps. This is why Repels exist in the Pokémon series. It makes no sense at all. Both of these features were in the Bravely series and both of them were taken out of Octopath. It feels like a massive downgrade as a whole.

      1. The Bravely series included a lot of neat features that I wish more games would use. ESPECIALLY the complete control over what carries over to NG+. That was the best thing about Bravely Default in America.

  1. I wonder why Square Enix even bothered to do their own E3 event. It’s clear from watching it (and Microsoft’s conference) that Microsoft, Sony, & Nintendo will be showing off more of Square Enix’s stuff than Square Enix themselves will. They should have done their event after M/S/N did theirs, did a 2 or 3 hour long event, & showed off some gamers from the audience being called up to the stage to play demos of the games M/S/N showed off while explaining some things about the game while the gamers played the demo. Basically, Square Enix’s event should have just been something like Nintendo Treehouse.

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