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It Seems Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Releases Tomorrow And Is 2GB

We all knew it was coming due to various signs, but it seems as though the incredibly popular Fortnite will be landing on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow. The game will presumably be up after Nintendo’s E3 presentation which starts at 5pm BST tomorrow. Fortnite for Nintendo Switch will be 2GB, so it’s a nice small file-size.

21 thoughts on “It Seems Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Releases Tomorrow And Is 2GB”

  1. THIRD PARTYS GETTING IN ON THAT NINTENDO COMPRESSION I LIKE IT derpindustry catching on to commonsense

    1. I don’t really believe that is the final size, there is no way they could compress from 15gb to 2gb.
      Either it’s missing something, or It might be that client size updates will take more space.

      1. It’s probably based on the mobile version of Fortnite. I can’t remember the exact size, but it was somewhere around 2GB on my iPad.

  2. It will be tough day for Paladins, since I have not heard anything about this being pay for early access.

      1. though good thing its cross plat with xbone, those who wanted Paladins still will have people to play with

  3. Fornite coming to switch, no longer a suprise. What I really want to see is if there’ll be crossplay and will there be Nintendo themed characters like Zelda and Link, Mario and Luigi, etc…. That would be awesome.

  4. didnt read post 1 then and again the industry fanboys make statments based on lies AGAIN IF IT AINT 25 GB OR MORE IT AINT CORE GAMING NO WAY CANTHEY FIT (WHITST NINTENDO AND SHIN’IN DO IT DAY IN DAY OUT WITH EASE) FIT THAT INTO 2GB


    1. Please stop with the caps!!! It only makes you look like you’re angry and you’ve lost the arguement. The fact is compression can’t drop file sizes that low, especially when files like images, video and textures are already heavily compressed formats to begin with. The only thing that could possibly be compressed that far is perhaps audio tracks that were kept in their original format, which I highly doubt.

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  6. If Nintendo were gonna show this off in their E3 Direct, it was probably gonna end with “And this game will be available to purchase for your Switch as soon as this announcement is over with.” or whatever. If so, there goes that surprise.

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