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David Hayter Voicing Snake In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Game Informer is reporting that David Hayter is back and will be taking the role of Snake in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. The team interviewed Nintendo America Bill Trinen and localization manager Nate Bihldorff and asked them all about Snake’s involvement in the long-awaited game.

Who is voicing Snake?

Bihldorff: David Hayter.

Has Snake’s dialogue been re-recorded? Or is the audio pulled from Brawl?

Bihldorff: I don’t have details on that. But, David Hayter will be the voice.

Does he comment on other fighters like he did in Brawl? Like where he would talk about eating Yoshi?

Trinen: [Laughs] I forgot about those.

Nate: I should remember those, because I was at those recording sessions and that was a lot of recording.

Were you at those?

Bihldorff: Yeah.

Trinen: When I said we have worked on Smash together for a long time, we actually have [laughs].

Bihldorff: Other than that, we don’t have any other details.




  1. Konami, let’s kick Kojima so Snake will die

    Nintendo to Konami: Give us Snake so we can still give to him some life


  2. I would imagine he has new lines. I heard new voice clips out of BotW Link and it looks like they got Xander Mobus on board as the announcer again (the “3… 2… 1… GO!” is reused from Sm4sh but you can definitely tell it’s him from calling the new characters’ names).


    1. When people said Simon Belmont will be a character and then Snake came on the battlefield


      1. Totally forgot the rumor saying Ridley would be playable also mentioned Simon Belmont & Ice Climbers will be playable. … Well Simon could still get in the game. Maybe. So who knows. Maybe the rumor still has a chance to be right about all 3 characters being playable as they got 2/3 so far.


      2. Personally, if they added Bomberman as an playable character it makes me haply but that’s not gonna happen. At least he is an assist character


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