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Yoshi Switch Will Not Be At E3 2018

Kotaku recently spoke to Bill Trinen at E3 2018. One game that was absent from Nintendo’s E3 Direct was the upcoming Yoshi title, which was slated for release later this year. According to Trinen, the game will not be at this year’s E3. However, he did say that there will be “updates later this year”. When those updates come out, we will let you know.


8 thoughts on “Yoshi Switch Will Not Be At E3 2018”

    1. Almost as if no matter how good Smash looks people want to see more than one big new game. Imagine that.

      1. I mean think about smash is good but it doesn’t cater to everyone they should of shown off more games that were for casual and hardcore players not to mention the direct felt bad only smash save it, because majority of games shown were already games that we knew were coming heck some didn’t even get a date like why doesnt octo expansion has a date

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