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Playing As Inkling In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Puts A Fresh Spin On Game

Nintendo revealed during their E3 Direct that a few new playable characters would be entering the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fight, including Ridley and the return of the Ice Climbers. Coming to the Nintendo Switch this December, the new Smash title will feature Inklings from the Splatoon series to bring a fresh spin on strategy.

The Nintendo Treehouse stream unveiled the first 1v1 and four-player Inkling fight to be shown on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Demonstrated on the brand new Splatoon stage, Inklings will be able to switch seamlessly between squid and humanoid forms to show off their smooth, colourful moves. But there’s an extra challenge to using the Inkling characters; ink management. Using household Splatoon weapons such as the roller, splattershot, splat bombs and the paintbrush will use ink from your tank, so you’ll have to quickly recharge by popping up your shield to switch into squid form.

Traversing around the stage is super slick for Inklings as they can easily dash from one end to the other in squid form. You can even charge your jump to quickly outmanoeuvre enemies or save yourself from an untimely demise.  Plus, when using the roller, you can ink the stage to slow enemy speed for chaotic battles.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse


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