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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Coming To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced that the final title for Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch is titled Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While not all the characters have been revealed there’s a lot of returning characters including Snake from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. In fact, Nintendo has declared that every fighter has returned!

64 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Ultimate Coming To Nintendo Switch”

  1. Mmmmhh… not an ispired name, looks like a rehash. Hope it’s not… Anyway Snake, really? The PlayStation’s icon? Uhm.
    I’m sure I will buy it, anyway I’m less happy than before.

      1. I didn’t know it, I sold the GameCube for an Xbox after Smash Bros I think. I still associate it with PS. Many more games with Snake sold on that platform (1, 2 3, 4).

      2. Remember the NES had the first Metal Gears before it was ever a PlayStation icon. Besides Smash is about all gaming icons in general. You wonโ€™t find me complaints no as the more characters the better when it comes to Smash.

      3. It looks also out of the contest, like the protagonist of Wii Fitness. Hope that one will not be back too, while I would like Splatoon and Arms characters.

      4. “Kojima loves Nintendo” yeah, remember all those MGS that came out on Nintendo consoles after TTS? And Death Stranding too? Man, I can’t handle all that love….
        Inb4 “but MGS3D…”

    1. To explain yes that snake that appear on metal gear on the nes is the same snake that appear on smash. He also appear on the metal gear solid as the main protagonist on the first game. However their are some references from the mgs3 who is based on his father.

    1. Yeah, Bomberman would have made a great playable character. So would Shantae, Isaac, Ashley and the duo of Kat and Anna.

      1. i mean everything they announced was announced previously and the new stuff (besides fire emblem) was not super hype.

      2. Ill take most of there games over Smash Bros ,Mario Party , Xenoblade , Fire Emblem and all the lame indie games any day of the week. I expected more from them aswell but atleast they got a strong list with major triple A titles. Most gaming journalist and websites in my country say the did well btw , I have only seen a list with the games no footage yet.

  2. Wow this was the worst Nintendo presentation I have ever seen at E3 not even trolling. Everything was rolling along than came Smash Bros and they spend like 20 minutes on that , It took so long that I started doing some cleaning around the room and than the presentation was over???? No Metroid , no exciting new games wtf was this?

  3. That was quite possibly Nintendo’s worst E3 ever. Very very disappointed. I get that they want to promote smash bros, but to show mostly that and a handful of games we already know are coming was a bad move. No metroid and it was announced a bloody year ago.

  4. Cloud? The worst choice :( … Looks great but it went on too long could of showed off loads more games! Where was Metroid!!!??? :'(

  5. Every. Fighter. Ever.

    I for one am extremely exited ! Everyone complaining about this being a bad E3 can blame the internet for spoiling everything. I we knew nothing and saw Fortnite, and DBFighterZ for the first time we woulda jumped for joy so blame all the social mediaโ€™s and websites meddling and leaking info.

    Iโ€™m as disappointed as anyone there was no Metroid or Bayo 3 but they are still coming. Till then we have other cool games to look forward to. ;)

    1. You know they’re not done with new fighters. Sure, bringing back EVERYONE from the past is amazing, but new characters are far more exciting and grab your attention better (except Ice Climbers, I started tearing up when I saw them I was so happy to see them return).

      1. well there are obviously some reused assets but there is so much more additional content that it certainly is a different game. I just wish they gave more detail on different game modes.

  6. I am really happy to see Nana and Popo return. Pichu on the other hand…
    Also I still think WarioWare’s Kat and Anna as a duo (like Ice Climbers) would make a great character.

  7. “Ridley is too big to be a playable Smash character!” Consider this meme now dead. Of course, he actually is big in the game if you make him stand up straight, though.
    Along with the Holy Trinity of Nintendo (Mario, Link, & Samus), the Cursed Trinity of Nintendo is now complete: Bowser, Ganondorf, & finally Ridley! *giggle* lol Hehehahahaha muahahahahaha! xP

    Anyway, that aside, I’m so happy to see the Ice Climbers back. I fucking love Zelda’s LBW design but the reason for not giving us her BotW design is pretty bogus when you got the Wii Fit Trainer returning as a playable character. (Why you gotta change your mind about why Ridley can’t be in and put him in Smash as a playable character but then pull this crap with Booty Zelda!? Wryyyyyy!? lol) Ganondorf’s original design from Ocarina of Time is so awesome to see finally in Smash! And Demon King Ganon to boot!? Joygasm! xD (Keeping him as still roughly a Captain Falcon clone & not naming him an Echo Character like the other clones is NOT gonna hide the fact he’s still Captain Ganondorf: sword or not. Hopefully custom movesets will return, will be usable online, AND Ganondorf will have some moves that are more true to his character from the Zelda games. It’d be nice if they expanded the custom moveset to regular attacks & not just relegated to special moves, too, but I won’t hold my breath for that. Wolf’s design is awesome; I love the metal arm & leg guards for his new design. The change to most of the Final Smashes we saw were great. Not happy about the change in Link’s, though. I preferred his Triforce Omnislash. (Not having Link face off against Cloud for who gets to use their Omnislash as they compete for the Smash Ball will be a letdown.) Too much to cover. Smash definitely should have gotten it’s own special Direct during E3 separate from the E3 2018 Direct. *shrug* Oh well. Oh and port or not, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is an automatic buy for my Switch when I get a new one. Maybe I’ll wait & see if we get a special customized Switch for Smash; and if we do get one, it better be the Switch itself getting a custom look & not just the dock & joy-cons.

    1. Oh & almost forgot. Though I’m disappointed by him being an Assist Trophy & not another playable character, it’s nice to see Bomberman appear in the game in some form. (And no playable Lyndis, either! D: Least I got Ridley now, anyway…)

  8. This wasnโ€™t as bad a direct as everyone is making it seem. Smash blew me away. And how anyone is saying there isnโ€™t much new content yet is beyond me. We havenโ€™t seen the full game and got two (not counting daisy) brand new fighters in addition to every fighter thatโ€™s ever been in smash. One less than amount we got when we first saw smash 4 in 2014. Some people will never be happy.

  9. You know what, as soon as the direct was over, I was like, “This was not that great, I’m so disappointed.”
    But the more I watched the Treehouse, the Smash Invitational, the Splatoon tournament, the Smash reactions at the Nintendo store, you know what, this was an all right E3. I shouldn’t have hyped myself up so much, and now that everything is sinking in, I’m like, “all right, I think this is a good beginning and I can’t wait to see what’s coming in the months from now.” And maybe I’ll have to wait until next E3. But hey.

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