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Sony Is Now Blocking PlayStation 4 Players From Using Their Fortnite Account On Nintendo Switch

Sony is continuing to take measures in order to prevent cross-platform play from reaching its full potential. It has been confirmed that the company is now blocking PlayStation 4 players from accessing their Fortnite account on Nintendo Switch, which was recently released via the Nintendo eShop. Upon trying to log in, PS4 users are met with the above error screen and the following message:

This Fortnite account is associated with a platform which does not allow it to operate on Switch. Nether the Fortnite website nor Epic Customer Service are able to change this. To play Fortnite on Switch, please create a new account.


59 thoughts on “Sony Is Now Blocking PlayStation 4 Players From Using Their Fortnite Account On Nintendo Switch”

        1. No. I said I don’t play Fortnite, so I might not know something that the fans know. Maybe it’s a smart move from a Fortnite player’s point of view.
          But as far as I’m concerned, that’s a dumb move.

          1. Well, its ok if you don’t i don’t play that game either. Sony was trying to stop the users for playing the game in there PS4s. They really did make a dumb move.

    1. Because they’re hoping that by forcing you to give up anything you’ve paid for on the PS4 already, you won’t start playing it on the Switch and make potential purchases on their competitor’s platform instead.

        1. Because you can spend loads of money on things in the game. Free to play doesn’t mean they’re not trying lots of psychological tricks to get money out of people. Three days after the game released on iOS, it brought in $1.5 million.

    2. Sony has stated it’s basically a security risk, if something goes wrong on Xbox or nintendo side and it affects the Playstation user, then it’s a mess up situation for them especially with that whole ps3 hack thing back then. It makes sense and is justifiable, but does create a worse user experience.

      1. I, personally, never believed this justification. It sounds good on paper, it sounds logical. However, I’m more inclined to believe they’re doing this because they just don’t want to make it happen since right now they’re at the top of the console sales. I see it more as a statement saying “we don’t need cross play, you want to play with your friends? Come and buy a PS4”, at least, that’s my perception on their actions.


  2. Hold on this does the same if I had my account linked with xbox doesn’t it, it just means yo can’t have your account tied to different consoles

  3. Sony’s been getting ahead of themselves this generation because they’ve generally been in the lead as far as sales and popularity go. I’ve got a nagging feeling that their eventual PS5 conference might have hubris comparative to the 2013 Xbone reveal.

    1. It does seem like a vicious cycle.
      All three when they get taste of success, they think they can do anything and people will throw money at them.

        1. Like Sony with PS3 after PS2.
          MS from 360 to one.
          Can’t wait to see how Sony pisses us off this time.

  4. Everyone has their weaknesses. Up to this point Xbox has had very few exclusives (reason to buy over other consoles) PlayStation doesn’t like playing with other consoles, so no cross play, and everyone maxes out the power for Xbox and PlayStation games so they can’t run as smoothly on Nintendo

    1. weaknesses like two companys with gen 4 systems in 2018 vs the only comapny with a gen 9 system NO ONE ON EARTH should be forced to aim with a lol stick in 2018 nothing about ps4 is gen 8 or 9 nothing whats so ever asnd that includes crossplay

  5. René Park Triolo

    So SONY’s butt hurts?! Who cares… let’s play some Fortnite on our nice Switches and Xboxes. :D

  6. The lack of cross play on PS4 doesn’t bother me personally but ugh! This is Nintendo levels of stupid decisions being done for stupid reasons. It’s a good thing I’m gonna branch out to Xbox, Steam, & PC gaming when I can afford a Xbone S & a better PC that has the intel processors good for gaming; it won’t be a gaming PC, per se, but it’ll be good enough as I’m use to not having the most powerful machine for gaming, anyway, since I’ve been a console gamer most of my life with handhelds as a side thing. So if Nintendo-err… I mean if Sony continues this anti-cross play crap, it won’t be an issue for me as I can just get any games that I may need cross-play for on the Xbox or Steam/PC instead.

      1. Til the bitter end of the direct, I was all “No. They won’t reveal Ridley as a playable character. Sakurai is just gonna troll us as he likes doing that sometimes.” Even when the segment started, I was all “Nope. Not happening.” Then the stuff showing Ridley being played by someone started up and I lost it. lol In the back of my mind, I knew if they were gonna reveal Ridley playable that it would definitely be at the end of the direct, though.

        My grievances with Captain Ganondorf aside, everything in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, including a playable Ridley, would be the best thing Sakurai could leave us with as he finally lets someone else take over the Super Smash Bros series. …If he actually stops after this one. We all know how he is with changing his mind. lol

      2. “That guy on the MNN comments.” It seems my plan to be one of THOSE regulars on MNN that a lot of people think of when they think of this place is coming to fruition. lol From what I’ve seen, I’m on here more than Quadraxis is these days. lol

        1. Your master plan is working!
          I meant to ask, though, was your username previously the King Kalas one? I mentioned it because I’m pretty darn sure it was you, and you were always vocal about Ridley. Thus why I thought of you.

  7. This is what happens when you go online only and give console developers all of the power to control your digital content.
    Microsoft and Nintendo would have done the exact same thing if they were ahead of the competition as well.

  8. lol usually I’m in for defending some of Sony’s decisions as for some parts it’s not that unusual, that the leading company doesn’t need to play along with everyone else like competitors who might actually need it. But this is just really stupid and damages Epics own concept of having one account for Fortnite.

    So if I were Epic, I would call Sony and ask them to stfu and let players play.

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  10. Oh wow. I think one of my biggest pet peeves has always been a lack of cross-play options, especially when so many video games come out for a variety of platforms. I have Overwatch both on PS4 and PC, I’m now playing on my PC more often but of course, it means that I didn’t get to have all the stuff I collected through loot boxes via PS4. I’m actually really enjoying games on PC now as it means I don’t have to pay for the extra service (nor is there any fighting about using the TV, for example, another reason why I like the Switch!) – Another fun game that I love is Hell Divers (again, started on PS4) that is actually terrible on PS4 because the servers get booted out of Sony’s servers constantly! Another game that is better to play on PC.

    As for Fortnite, well, I tried it last night. It took me 3 games to understand it (how to play) but since everyone starts off not knowing how to play, your party commits suicide first (rather than holding out and waiting for another party to drop in to attack) so I think I’m gonna pass on this. Plus, everyone has a username already!

  11. more shckinly ps4 fans fps and 3rd person shoot with a dualshock controller i mean serioulsy do they also jump out of planes with lunch backpacks instead of para shoots

  12. xbox twitter asked nintendo twitter if it wanted to play some Fortnite later

    I’m down for Nintendo and MS becoming buddies what with all of this crossplay that’s going on now :D fuck $ony

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