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ZeRo Is The Winner Of The Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018

Another winner has been crowned. ZeRo is the winner of the Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018. Sakurai was on stage to present the trophy. Afterwards, he gave a speech. It turns out that Sakurai is going back to Japan tonight to continue to work on the game. Sakurai said that he “found two or three bugs” during the tournament, and talked about balancing and tweaking the game. The balancing comments may have been in response to how Bayonetta played during the tournament. Nevertheless, there was no character reveals during the tournament.

Source: Nintendo E3 Stream

19 thoughts on “ZeRo Is The Winner Of The Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018”

    1. Ya know the poor guy retired from competition because of hateful comments like that. I think he’s brave. He gets a ton of hate but still goes out there and shows he’s the best in the world despite the crippling fear of internet jerks commenting on his appearance and making death threats.

      1. Lol, “poor guy”!!!

        I knew i had to look for this article and comment after reading what your beloved zero did to those poor girls, the lesson here is to stop idolizing guys on tge internet.

        Poor people who were harassed by him.

  1. Aw man, I was holding out hope that Spring Man would be announced there. Ah well, there’s always a random announcement some time next month featuring three random fighters getting taken out by am extending blue appendage with a comically large red, flaming glove at the end of it…

    A guy can dream, can’t he? ;)

  2. don´t understand why is the hate against ZeRo… i mean… he played with different characters and proved that he still has his moves… good for him, It was an exciting way to show the new SMB

  3. The hate for ZeRo is similar to the hate for guys like Markiplier. They can’t stand the fact some nobodies became semi-famous through their hard work & dedication to online gaming & YouTubing. Bandwagon hate & jealousy is all that it amounts to. It’s quite pathetic really.

  4. That nasty business aside… Congratulations, ZeRo! Keep doing what you are doing & ignore the haters! I got a nice little scarf that I’m trying to add into my main outfit, too.

  5. That boy better get some thick skin! Aint no retiring because internet folk hurt your feelings.
    They would never say that ish in ya face so it doesn’t matter.

  6. Conspiracy theory! This invitational really felt like they just wanted to crap on Melee. Why invite Melee players to what was basically just a Sm4sh tournament? And those dumb pictures they used for the Melee guys instead of the serious ones. I think they did it on purpose to make them look bad.

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