Nintendo Switch

GameStop Currently Giving $250 Credit For PS4 Or Xbox One S Towards A Nintendo Switch

GameStop is offering a great deal at the moment if you don’t own a Nintendo Switch system. If you have a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One S and don’t use it then you can trade it in towards a nice new Nintendo Switch console. You’ll get $250 credit towards it. The deal is live from today until 17th June.



    1. The Buy 2 get 1 they have a couple times a year is just free money if you’re willing to invest in it. You can legitimately walk in, spend $500 on games, go home and sell them for $800 on ebay. When I worked there, there were a few people, including a local indie game store owner, who would drop thousands on buy 2 get 1 free weekend.

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  1. Damn. I now regret being a nice brother & giving my old PS4 to him after getting a PS4 Pro months back. … Oh well.


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