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Video: Fortnite Graphics Comparison Between Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 4

Fortnite was recently released for Nintendo Switch as a free download via the Nintendo eShop. Epic Games’ popular battle royale title initially launched in 2017 on competing platforms such as PlayStation 4. While Sony’s console is superior in terms of producing more enhanced visuals, the Switch has perks of its own like handheld mode. Check out the video below for a graphics comparison between both versions:

8 thoughts on “Video: Fortnite Graphics Comparison Between Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 4”

  1. I think they should have included the mobile version as I thought this looks pretty good on my phone when I briefly checked it out.
    And it would be more interesting than a PS4 or PS4 Pro as it’s not really a game that needs that hardware. It might have sharper textures and all, but the experience is designed to be the same.

  2. The differences are:
    1) Level of details of objects: If you see a building very far far away from it the details are very low on the Switch in compares of PS4. Not a big deal.
    2) On the Nintendo Switch the shadows are soft. Still not a big deal.
    3) The fps on the Switch is not even 30. This is a true problem.

    As I have already wrote in an older post the things that must fixed are:
    1) Controls
    2) FPS. I just need 30 fps
    3) The lag in matches. Yesterday before I deleted the software I played a match and there was a huge lag and I played near the modem-router so it’s not a problem of connection from me but it’s a problem of Epic game servers

  3. I’ve been playing many hours of it on switch the last few days.

    Framerate is not something that bothers me as much as others. As long as it stays near 30, I have nothing to complain about. Not once have I felt “aw man, I would be having more fun if the framerate is higher”. When I’m playing, things like that cease to exist. I only see the gameplay.

    The muddy, lower res graphics stand out when side by side like this, but again, when playing I stop noticing. I do notice the shorter draw distance on Trees though.

    I have had only one hiccup that I noticed that I would blame lag for (in 15+ hours of play), and it was inconcequential. I use Wifi (With a $170 Gaming Router) from a different level of my house from the access point. No Issues (yet). It also crashed once. That round wasn’t going great anyway.

    Overall, MY personal experience has been of a smooth running, fun game that I can log into matches for very quickly and painlessly.

    Why is it that I can be dropped into a 100 player match in 32 seconds in Fortnite (BR), but it can take 8+ minutes to start 4v4 match in Splatoon?

    Come On Nintendo.

    1. Fortnite Switch allows cross play with Xbox, and possibly PC, Mac and Mobile = probably 20+ million players. Splatoon 2 is a nintendo switch exclusive = 1+ million players.

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