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Fortnite Has Added World Cup 2018 Customisable Skins

Those of you who are currently enjoying playing Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch, and are football fans, will most likely want to purchase some of these World Cup 2018 themed skins for the game. It seems they are available now and are bound to be popular with players. The World Cup 2018 kicked-off yesterday.



8 thoughts on “Fortnite Has Added World Cup 2018 Customisable Skins”

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      1. You can, if it’s newsworthy. I just don’t wanna see random articles about Youtube videos like “”Here are the Top 5 landing spots according to *insert Fornitetuber name here*”.

        I’ve seen articles like that on here for other Nintendo games. Problem with Fortnite is that those types of videos are made every second. I don’t want this site to be flooded with meaningless Fortnite articles.

  2. who cares for added gimmicks WHERE IS MY GYRO MOUSE AIM i dont pay games with retarded unsuited outdated controls

    look a gimmick costume NO ONE CARES were is the mouse aim

  3. MyFortnitenews
    lol I wouldnโ€™t mind seeing the weekly updates and new skins on here. Saves me from going to other sites.

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