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NieR Automata Is Still A Slight Possibility On Nintendo Switch According To Developers

One game that resonated with gamers last year on the PlayStation 4 was NieR Automata by Platinum Games and Square Enix. The game was announced for the Xbox One at this month’s E3 2018. However, a Nintendo Switch version of the game wasn’t mentioned. Speaking during the Square Enix Presents stream, Nier Automata director Yoko Taro, producer Yosuke Saito, and designer Takahisa Taura, talked about the possibility of a Nintendo Switch port.

19 thoughts on “NieR Automata Is Still A Slight Possibility On Nintendo Switch According To Developers”

  1. What about these games that every other platform is getting :

    Anthem , Battlefield V , Fifa 19 (real version) , Star Wars Battlefront DLC , Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order , Unravel Two , Cyberpunk 2077 , Devil May Cry V , The Division 2 , Dying Light 2 , Fallout 76 , Just Cause , Kingdom Hearts 3 , Metro Exodus , Sekiro shadow Die Twice , Rage 2 , Doom Eternal? , Wolvenstein Youngblood? , The Elder Scrolls 6 , Starfield (Since its a next gen console game) , Shadow of The Tomb Raider , The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit , Just Cause 4 , Beyond Good & Evil 2 , Skull & Bones , Assassins Creed Odyssey , The Crew 2 , Control , Resident Evil 2 Remaster , Jurassic World Evolution

    1. Cyberpunk 2077, Devil May Cry V, Metro Exodus, Sekiro shadow Die Twice, The Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein Youngblood, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Control, and Resident Evil 2 Remaster are the only games on your list that I’m interested in, and like most Switch owners I’ll just play those games on my secondary or third system.
      Daemon X Machina looks pretty good and is definitely on my to buy list.
      Tbh I’m glad Nintendo is going in a different direction because the Switch will start getting games that would never get a chance to even see the light of day on Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.
      Do you actually believe games like Daemon X Machina would have even been funded by Sony or Microsoft? No, and these kinds of games lead to the 3rd party support ps vita was getting before Sony gave up on it. I’m hoping to see different types of games from devs like how Gravity Rush was different from games being released on the ps3 back then.
      Nintendo and these smaller devs are finally growing to a state where they can develop quality games that aren’t being held back or ruined by major publishers like the EAs, Activisions, or WBs of the world, and that’s where game development needs to be, just look at how off hand Nintendo is being compared to EA and Microsoft who are literally closing down game studios and canceling games everyone want.
      Give it another gen and watch how these smaller devs who are now supporting Nintendo start creating games that look and play as good as triple A 3rd party games on the Switch, but without the BS implemented like microtransactions or loot boxes.
      Just look at the SNES, N64, ps1 and ps2 and you’ll see how companies like EA, Activision, Capcom, and Square Enix (Square Soft at the time) were releasing games that are nowhere as great looking as the smaller games coming out now by indie devs.
      The only issue Nintendo seriously need to address is creating a system that will make everyone happy, because the Switch isn’t making everyone happy, especially those who mostly play 3rd party games and wish. to play them on the go.
      Their next handheld better have a pretty damn good chip in there or they are going to have serious issues.

      1. I Remember a time where I didn’t need a secondary system , the Snes did have Mega Man , Castlevania , Street Fighter , Mortal Kombat , Square Enixs games and many more. Than came the Ps1 and they pretty much took over third party from that point in time. The Gamecube did have a strong library again , but I remember those games still felt inferior to my friends Xbox or PS2 versions, not 100% if this is true but I remember feeling that way specially with Cod. The Wii is actually the last Nintendo console I bought and I own ever console before that including handhelds , do have a 3ds for Pokemon pretty much.

        I really want to play Zelda since is my all time favorite franchise , but can’t justify spending 350 euros just to play 1 game. Metroid is a game I will buy and Pokemon if they completly revamp it next year. Mario hasn’t really been fun since the Gamecube , way to easy remember dying twice in Galaxy with 100% completion. Games like Mario kart, Party , Smash ect. simply don’t intrest me anymore those where fun when sitting with friends every day of the week , those days are long gone.

        I have been a Nintendo fanboy till halfway trough the WII but looking back at it the PS1,PS2,PS3 and now PS4 provided me with way more fun and far bigger library’s 35-50 games each gen vs 10 ish games on Nintendo consoles with a few titles bought for the sake of buying something for the machine. My Gamecube also has 30-40 games btw.

        Basicly Sony does what the Snes did wich is still one of the best consoles every created if you ask me.

      2. The only problem with the GC was it’s proprietary disc size, which only held 1.5 gb of data compared to ps2’s 8.5 gb and xbox original 6gb disc. Devs couldn’t fit their games on GC disc so a lot of them abandoned it entirely, which is kinda weird given how at the time the GC was actually more powerful than the xbox original and ps2. it’s funny how thanks to terrible decisions by these companies they manage to ruin their own consoles regardless of specs. Nintendo just keep making the mistake of putting gimmicks in the hardware that very few developers utilize or wish to deal with and microsoft tried to force DRM down everyone’s throat which ultimately ruined the xbox one forever.
        Only thing they need to do is make a powerful console.

      1. Nope its not every other platform offers these games so why shouldnt Nintendo? Also may a remind you that Nintendo did offer this in the 80’s and 90’s they lost all the third party because of choices they have made , me as a gamer shouldnt have to pay for that. If Nintendo builds a good console I don’t need a ps4/ xbox or pc meaning more money for nintendo and better game library.

    2. Yeah, but at the same time, those others consoles won’t get Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Daemon x Machina, Super Mario Party, Metroid Prime 4, the new Yoshi game, Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, Pokemon Lets Go Evee, the new main line Pokemon game, Fire Emblem: Three house. Those are games that will 100% ONLY come to the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is still the king of exclusives good sir, while most games you mention are multiplatform, now to tackle your list.

      Games that you mention that will almost 100% come to the switch too or have high chances:

      Doom Eternal(Listed already in some retailers), Wolfenstein Youngblood(Liste too in some retailers), Beyond Good & Evil 2(Michael Ancel wants a Switch version badly). Take in mind, we don’t know on what CONSOLE those games are coming even.
      Games that won’t come because the yare exclusive to a specific console so it makes me wonder why the fuck you even bother to mention them:

      Resident Evil 2 Remaster(PS4 only)

      50/50 chance: Kingdom Hearts 3(SE say they want to work on it after initial release)

      Who the fuck want those games on the Switch?: Fifa 19 (real version) , Star Wars Battlefront DLC, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

      The rest are games that obviously are out of reach for the Switch because of power, so no idea why you are demanding for things the Switch can’t reach, all in all I know you are a troll, but still I felt a strong urge to shut you up and show you Nintendo is still the king of exclusives, have a good day loser :)

      1. Nintendo exlusives aren’t on the level that they where in the 90’s though most are still the same games. Metroid , Zelda , Mario are some of the stronger ones , me and my nephew spend 10k+ hours on Pokemon this game for the switch is bullshit and nothing new, Mario party and smash is only fun when playing with friends , smash can be solid online it’s just not for me not enough attacks like Street fighter for example. Games like Yoshi and DK are still the same as 25 years ago so boring and cheap if you ask me.

        All the games I listed have been confirmed on PS4/Xbox and PC on multiple website I did my homework before making that list. Not 100% sure about resident evil so ill take your word on that one. None of those games have been confirmed for the switch so chances are likely that it wont get a day 1 release wich is the only thing that matters.

        Quote : Who the fuck want those games on the Switch?: Fifa 19 (real version) , Star Wars Battlefront DLC, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order [Quote]

        the 100 million + people that bought a PS4 or Xbox do want those games , just because you don’t doesn’t mean it shouldnt be on the Switch.

        In the end the only thing that matters is a big library with major titles wich every console besides a Nintendo console does offer.

      2. @ Beaz130 Also if you think Nintendo first party is so great (it’s still good but not as good as the 90s) than why not just make a strong console that has full third party support like other consoles and have nintendo first party.

  2. I barely know that game. Just know it’s an open world game by PG that got very well received and this alone might justify a day1 purchase for me, should they ever bring it to the Switch.
    But I can totally imagine, that some PS4/XBoxOne games that were just ooptimized for those systems won’t come to the Switch unless Nintendo isn’t bringing an advanced version like the New 3DS with some more capabilities. I guess it doesn’t need that much, but it would make perfect sense. Doom worked with a lot of cuts but worked pretty well because it’s a pretty linear game running on an engine made for that. Open world stuff on the other hand can’t be squeezed onto the Switch without sacrificing a lot that could really have an affect on gameplay. But I don’t really know if that game visually really is so elaborate. Anyways, if they manage to do a good port, I’d wait with open arms.

    Every PG game on a Nintendo system needs to be celebrated.

  3. I don’t know how you can get “slight possibility” from that, as Kamiya aptly puts it, “if publisher pays them to”.
    And anyone honestly think squeenix going to do something like that?

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