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Sakurai Is Once Again Treating Super Smash Bros Ultimate As His Final Game

The legendaryย Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the Super Smash Bros series, is back with his latest entry in the series, Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. Once again Sakurai believes this could be his final game in the incredibly popular series.

“The Smash series may continue in the future, but I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to pull this off, so I really hope you’ll enjoy this iteration of the game.”


38 thoughts on “Sakurai Is Once Again Treating Super Smash Bros Ultimate As His Final Game”

  1. Don’t worry, once Sakurai quits, modders will dog ths game and add whatever Sakurai doesn’t.

    I hope…..

    But at least we don’t have to worry about cut characters this time.

      1. Exactly.

        The only issue is, we would have to wait until the end of that system’s lifeline. And if the Switch’s security is that apprehensive, we’re in for a long ride with future consoles.

  2. Releasing this so early in the switchs lifespan with all these characters means they should support the game with dlc and patches for the next two years minimum like other fighting games

  3. When he said he doesn’t know if they’ll ever be able to do this again, he was specifically talking about including all of the characters up to that point.

  4. As this point; I say we have 2 options
    1. This game really is the end of Smash Bros which if you ask me would be the perfect climax to end it.
    2. The series gets a full reboot and starts from scratch.

    1. I hope this isn’t the end. Smash is such a HUGE franchise. Ending it like this would be an epic way to end it, but would disappoint pretty much every Nintendo fan. I assume they will just start over again when the time comes.

      1. +SonicGalaxy27
        Neither do I but considering it’s very unlikely they would be able to make a Smash Bros with a Roster that surpasses that of SSBU, a reboot may be a good idea. I mean, if the next Smash Bros does take up a similar engine and art style to SSBU then maybe they could simply re-use the models but if they go into a totally different direction and really shake things up, then it would be very hard making a Smash Bros game that would beat SSBU’s Roster right out of the gate.
        To me, if you’re going to make a game with less characters than your predecessor, you may as well take advantage of that and go with a reboot.

  5. I highly believe this is the end of smash. No doubt Nintendo will likely make new consoles in the future, but I don’t think Sakurai can top this, now that every verteran is back in. It’s a suitable way to end the long running series. Just wish people would stop acting so ungrateful about Waluigi not being in the game, and would start acting appreciative for the fact that Sakurai endured stressed and an arm injury for developing smash, and went out of his way to make a “sequel” for us in secret, when he didn’t even have to. It’s rather agitating that the first reaction people have is negativity about Waluigi not being playable.

    1. It’s not just about Waluigi not being playable- it’s about Daisy (who also just gets relegated to Party, sports, and Kart games) getting in and not him. He is literally the only “main” Mario character *not* on the roster. It’s like if you had a high school graduation party for your son/daughter and refused to invite his/her godfather/godmother.

      1. I get that people didn’t want Daisy, but like, get over it. It’s just a game, and we could always just not have this sequel at all. Sakurai doesn’t want to put Waluigi in and people need to release that already. He already gave us the top character we’ve wanted for so long (Ridley, as I’m a Metroid Fan) and I simply love it, no complaints. We have every veteran and a plethora of Good shit, and all you people know how to do is complain, complain, and complain. There comes a point when you need to stop asking for more than You’ve received. I you want him that bad, the go mod him in yourself, problem solved. Otherwise, stop complaining and start thanking.

        1. I laugh at you lumping me in with those who just complain when I am also absolutely ecstatic about Ridley making the roster. Metroid has badly needed another (non-Samus) fighter for so long, and Smash has needed more playable bad guys in general, so he fits both criteria. Waluigi would also help fill the bad guy void. It’s *because* we know so little about him that would make him a great pick- remember Sakurai had to completely improvise movesets for Fox and Captain Falcon in Smash 64, and Ice Climbers in Melee, hell, even Pit for Brawl. It can be done for Waluigi.

          Fans of the character have put up with his neglect for years. Him being treated as a literal punching bag in the E3 showing was a breaking point.

  6. Well, I thought this is the last smash bros game with Sakurai developing it. But, I guess the series will continue without him being a director in all entrys. But, if he is treating this game as his final game of being a director, then there is no need to argue on that. Otherwise Nintendo will stop making consoles in there company.

  7. I don’t think it will be possible to top Ultimate. I started to tear up a little when the artwork was being shown and said “everyone is here!”
    My biggest fear was that there would be cuts. If even one character was cut from Smash 4, I would’ve been disappointed. I never expected every character to return. I also never, EVER expected Young Link to come back. I’ve wanted him back in Smash for so long, and seeing him back made me lose my mind.
    Sakurai and his team have really outdone themselves this time. Over 80 stages already confirmed? Ridley is finally playable? Faster gameplay and new tech? Jesus christ. It’s EVERYTHING I wanted. Calling this game the ultimate Smash bros is no joke. The next 6 months are going to be hard to endure, because I want this game NOW. The wait is already killing me.

  8. It’s a good thing I never take these about the game’s Sakurai works on to be his last seriously. I was worried to death about the Smash Bros. Franchise not having a future beyond Smash 4, and I’ll even be worried to death if the franchise doesn’t have a future beyond Ultimate.

  9. It’s alright at some point to pass on the legacy of the Smash Bros. Franchise to someone else once Sakurai retires from being a Game Developer and once his death comes. Surely he would be aware that Smash Bros. is the only time Nintendo’s Characters can all come together, which is a great witness, and that with Future Installments things can be improved and fixed upon fighters, and things that weren’t able to make it into previous games finally can have their chance. I made pretty good points about how the franchise really could use a future beyond Ultimate even without Sakurai in these Amino Posts:

  10. Their’s characters out there who still have yet to have to become fighters in Future Installments. People as we know are just dying to see Waluigi get his chance, which can indeed be possible if the franchise keeps having ongoing futures for each and every system. Maybe Waluigi’s chance could come once he starts appearing alongside Wario in Wario Land and WarioWare games.

  11. Thanks to this post, it seems pretty positive that there would be more Smash Bros. Games beyond Ultimate in the future:

    With them making use of the Ballot that was running in 2015, these character names we’ve been submitting will indeed have their chance at some point when it comes to becoming fighters.

  12. For once, I’m gonna give him the benefit of a doubt & believe he’s being honest this time about this being his last Smash.

    And all this talk that the franchise should end because it can’t be topped after Ultimate is stupid. It’s a fighting game. You’re bound to hit a ceiling at some point. Madden, Fifa, Call of Duty, Need for Speed, Forza, etc hit their ceilings a long time ago but the good thing about these types of games is that you can continue them even after such a thing occurs and still see them sell well. This not making a new game in a franchise because it can’t be innovated anymore or because it can’t be topped is a Nintendo thought process I want to see die. Fans of F-Zero, for instance, would more than love for it to die since it’s this mentality that has kept them from getting a new F-Zero since forever.

  13. *Sakurai* can make it his last, but Nintendo sure won’t let this be the final Smash (pun intended)- it’s too big of a series and is a system seller (unless you put it on the bastard child that was Wii U AND its far more successful cousin the 3DS- guess which version’s gonna sell better). On top of that, there will almost certainly *always* be more characters they can add and stages to make based on locations from our favorite games (I personally still await a Metroid stage set in the Phazon Mines from Prime where phazon is a hazard and a stage based on Noctilum or Sylvalum from Xenoblade Chronicles X). I don’t believe Smash will end completely for a very, very long time.

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