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IGN Website’s Most Popular Video Games During E3 2018

E3 2018 is finally over and what a ride it has been for Nintendo fans and gamers in general. IGN has published its most viewed games during the event which took place this week and it’s interesting to see which games received the most traffic from the world’s biggest video game site. Here’s the top games this E3:

25 thoughts on “IGN Website’s Most Popular Video Games During E3 2018”

  1. Why no report on Switch game – “daemon x Machina”??? Hallooo this site need daemon x machina infos! Armored core, zone of enders clone game coming to nintendo Switch..

  2. Man, Ghost Of Tsushima doesn’t seem to be getting any acknowledgment. And that’s the game that blew me away the most. The graphics and setting were amazing. I don’t even know what the heck Anthem and Cyberpunk is. And I don’t care about looking.

      1. @ Edward Brian,
        The fact that it reminded me of Assassin’s Creed (my favorite series) and (a little bit of) Witcher III is exactly what I loved about Ghost Of Tsushima. And I’ve always wanted an Assassin’s Creed game based on Feudal Japan. Ghost Of Tsushima satisfies that want. As long as the gameplay is good and doesn’t ruin the whole game. Open world stealth sort of games are my favorite genre. Or open world RPG’s like Witcher III. They’re all I seem to be interested in lately. Aside from The Last Of Us 2, and a few others here and there. Such as Yoshi.

  3. You might think I’m crazy but none of the games on that list get me that excited. They’re all good but It’s all very much been there and done that. There was a real lack of innovation at this year’s E3. Don’t get me wrong I don’t need every game to be trying something new but a handful to show that people actually have some new ideas would be good.

    1. Same can be said about any Nintendo title besides Breath of the Wild , Metroid prime and to a lesser extend Mario. Mario Kart still the same stuff as the n64, Smash still the same as n64 , DK/Yoshi/Kirby still the same as the Snes. I suppose even Mario is still the same as n64. Only Breath of the Wild and Metroid Prime evolved after the Snes.

      Atleast in the case of this list is that they are fresh franchises and still great triple A titles.

    1. Last of us 2 coming to ps5. I dont believe naughty dog release Lou2 on ps4.. I wait and buy definitive all dlc goty ps5 version of last of us2

  4. you’re telling me more people are interested in a destiny clone than new smash brothers and fallout and cyberpunk? yeah. whatever you say. lol.

    1. Near the middle*

      Also, the top games recieved far more coverage and also began receiving news sooner.

      I think it’s far more surprising that TLOU2 is near the bottom, Spiderman IS at the bottom (despite it looking amazing from the gameplay) and no sign of RE2 remake or Fallout at all.
      These lists mean nothing.

  5. Never heard of Anthem. Cyberpunk my feed was getting bombarded by news, so the media was covering it. And KH3 I was following everything.

    Seems it’s all old IP.

  6. Anthem being at the top is not a surprise, but also more evidence that gamers will unfortunately continue to give garbage EA attention they don’t deserve. I’m sure the game will sell well, which is sad.

    I still will never forget the moment they announced that it will have monetization/dlc for cosmetics and other items at e3, and someone in the audience CHEERED. Yay, 60 dollars for an incomplete game! Give me a break. The average gamer today is so easily pleased as long as the game has pretty graphics. Pathetic.

    1. Your so short minded! First of all its made by Bioware wich is a great company who gives a fuck that EA bought them , second of all its not just graphics the gameplay is amazing and allot more fun than another DK,YOSHI,KIRBY, Mario Kart , Mario , Star Fox, Smash Bros , Mario Party that are still the same as 20-30 years ago. The only Nintendo franchises that really evolved are Zelda and Metroid and the last solid Metroid was in 2007 so get your head out of your ass dude seriously. I have been a Nintendo fanboy for over 20 years but people like you make me hate the company more and more.

    2. Also since you want to talk about the avarage gamer today , let me tell you something the avarage gamer on this website isn’t a real gamer cause most of you people don’t care about video games at all otherwise you would have wanted a big library of triple A titles. All you people cry about is EA this ,Sony and Microsoft that. Atleast they offer a far bigger library of quality titles than Nintendo has been doing for the past 20 years. Besides this whole debate is retarded the more games the better , all these multi platform games should be on Nintendo consoles aswell and they aren’t.

  7. I honestly think Smash bros should get more credit, they actually did end up fixing a lot of bugs in the game, meaning they changed the mechanics. SOOOoooo it is indeed a new game with imported maps. Anyways Kingdom hearts 3 is being overhyped just like final fantasy XIII watch.

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