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Retail Version Of Starlink For Nintendo Switch Requires 15GB Download

In case you haven’t seen it, Amazon UKย is listing Starlink: Battle for Atlas for the Nintendo Switch complete with the Arwing in the Fox McCloud pack. The listing also reveals that the retail version of the game requires a 15GB download so you’ll most certainly need an SD card if you haven’t already got one.


33 thoughts on “Retail Version Of Starlink For Nintendo Switch Requires 15GB Download”

  1. Why has this information been posted for a second time? Were you disappointed at the lack of a negative reaction last time? We know this happens with some third party games by now

    1. remember you can also increase the ram of the switch threw the sd currently has 4 well nba 2k it explains u will need 5g of memory intenal that because some gaming scrips run 8gb ram well u take the 4 and increase it threw the sd if you look it up all Nintendo has to do is write the program and boom it dun could u imagine the tegra 20 at 100 gb ram the ingine you could use on that would b out of this world and just to let u know x box and platstation wanted the tegra first but they went with cell and Nintendo.just tring to help

  2. Every game on PS4 and Xbox require a download. Every time install a new game on one of those consoles I have to delete other games to make room. This is not a big deal.

    1. That’s not how it works at all. Games have patches but you aren’t required to download them unless you want to play them online. This on the other hand absolutely needs a download or it won’t work at all.

      Ubisoft is being a cheapass and doesn’t want to shell out the extra money for a larger cartridge. Vote with your wallets people.

      1. I can’t speak to how large this game is currently, but often (such as with Wolfenstein at 55gb) the game size is simply above the 32gb maximum cart size that is offered. Nintendo has delayed the 64gb cart. Many major new PC games are pushing 80-100gb currently. Of course some devs HAVE chosen cheaper carts, but until you know a total file size, you have no clue.

        Don’t demand third party support and then whine at the only way it can happen.

      2. @frogopus While you may be right about the size since 64gb carts haven’t been released I still find it as an unacceptable practice especially since the Switch only comes with 32gb out of the box and a decent size SD card for games, like >256gb, are still quite expensive. Capcom had no reason to exclude both Mega Man Legacy Collections on the cartridge.

        @Cory M Which PS4 games are those besides online-only games like Destiny or The Division? You can completely disconnect your PS4 system from the internet and still play your disc-based games offline.

      1. Thatโ€™s weird, how did I accidentally reply to someone else and reply to the person I was talking to at the same time…? ๐Ÿค”

    1. If it’s over 32gb, you don’t get a full game on the cart. If you wan’t third party games, you’re going to need to invest in some SD storage. I’ve got tons of PC games that are double the size of the biggest Nintendo cart available to devs.

  3. This is not a cart only problem. Does anyone here have a PS4? If you buy the Disc for Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition you still need to download 95GB.
    This is neither a new thing nor Nintendo specific.

    1. Aren’t PS4 games all installed to the hard drive nowadays? It’s more or less industry standard, Nintendo just struggles with limited storage and small cart sizes. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could plug an external hdd to the dock and had an easy transfer interface for handheld vs docked games.

    2. You can still play FFXV offline, you just can’t play the Royal Edition DLC without downloading it. Big difference. Starlink won’t work period without a download first.

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