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8-4 Confirms That They Aren’t Working On The Localisation Of Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Renowned localisation company 8-4 has confirmed on Twitter recently that they won’t be localising the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the Nintendo Switch. The team has previously worked on the localisation of a number of other Fire Emblem titles including Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Echoes. This means that it is probably Nintendo Treehouse who are working on this specific Fire Emblem game.

45 thoughts on “8-4 Confirms That They Aren’t Working On The Localisation Of Fire Emblem: Three Houses”

      1. Localization involves translating ALL TEXT in the game… not just recording cutscenes in another language.

    1. It would be rather insulting for FE:TH to be censored after Nintendo literally went on the record stating they wanted more mature games for young adults on the Switch. I you all seriously felt this way I suggest stating what I’ve said towards Nintendo on Twitter to ensure the west get the same version as Japan, uncensored.
      Another choice is you all can hope te Japanese version has english text and just import it to get a fully uncensored FE:TH game, you may miss out on the dlc due to region locking if you don’t have a Japanese Nintendo account though, just putting that out there.

      1. +Kantenstain
        I mean yeah, the writing was terrible and could have been handled way better but despite that I still had a blast playing through it. To each his own I guess.

    1. I liked it, as well. It isn’t nearly as bad as people make it out to be. The localization was pretty so-and-so, though. I much prefer 8-4’s style over Treehouse. I hope they do a better job this time around.

    2. I didn’t care for the story per se, but I don’t think the writing is nearly as bad as people make it out to be.
      The gameplay is the best in the series up til this point in my opinion.
      Overall though, Awakening is still my favorite. I’m really excited for Three Houses though.

  1. Fire Emblem Fates and Corrin being added to Smash 4 literally ended my enjoyment of the series permanently.

    1. You’re missing out Fire Emblem is doing really well right right now. Especially with Echoes, heroes is also really fun. Sure fates wasn’t the greatest but it was still a lot of fun. Don’t let one game ruin your entire view of the series

    2. +RiverRapid
      Okay, I can understand Fire Emblem Fates but Corrin added to Smash Bros? What? Also, the replies are right, you shouldn’t give up on the series entirely because of 1 game.

  2. Fire emblem: Three houses= fire emblem: Treehouse, yes, it is going to be localizedand censored to death by them.

      1. Yeah I mean I still can’t get over how bad they ruined Fates. And now to know they might return and ruin maybe the biggest FE to date is really irritating. Now let’s hope it’s not them.

  3. Just like ND Cube is the worst dev for Mario Party, they are the worst dev for Treehouse. Fire Emblem should NOT be worked on by a dev that is so obviously biased toward being family friendly to the degradation of a game that should not be trying to attract little kids. When a T rated game is safe for 5 year olds, you’re doing it wrong.

      1. Treehouse only messed up on Fates (even then that’s somewhat a stretch) I mean nobody talks about how Treehouse localised every other Fire Emblem game prior to Awakening but the internet…

      2. I never knew Treehouse did all the games before Awakening… They did amazing jobs with the Tellius games and I actually liked the Fates localization for the most part. Some people just needed some reasons to hate on Fates, I guess.

  4. While it is likely that Treehouse is doing the localization, we don’t know that for sure. They could’ve gotten someone else on the case. Who knows?
    And if it IS treehouse, then don’t jump to conclusions so quickly. I would imagine the backlash from the Fates translation was heard loud and clear. And just judging off of what we’ve seen, everything looks and sounds perfectly fine. It’s good to base your opinion off of evidence rather than assumption.
    Again, don’t jump to conclusions. Keep an open mind. Wait to see more.

  5. After reading all of the comments above mine I feel as though I have avoided a migraine by never playing the FE games. After witnessing first hand how terrible a job 8-4 has done localizing other past games and then reading how Treehouse is full of a bunch censorship zealots I feel as if playing any FE game would just erk me to no end and ultimately case me to hate the franchise entirely going forward. I think I’ll just stay as far away as possible from any main series FE game forever lol:D
    I do love the FE amiibo though, best figures out of any toys to life figures I’ve ever seen, best looking amiibos too tbh.

  6. Please for the love of tachanka not the treehouse again. I can take the censorship but not the crap writing and voice acting

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