Nintendo: 3DS Is “Accessible To A Lower Age Demographic” They Are Looking For Software Teams “Suited To Creating Games Of That Type”

The Verge has just published an informative interview with Shinya Takahashi, who is the general manager of Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning & development division. The site talked to him about a range of topics but one of the more interesting ones is Nintendo’s future plans for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS platform.

“As a platform that is now in its eighth year since launch, I think it has found a very interesting role for us,” Takahashi says of the 3DS. “Which is that it’s accessible to a lower age demographic, and we’re able to focus a lot of software that’s really appealing to that audience on the Nintendo 3DS platform, which means that we can also look for software teams that are very well-suited to creating games of that type.”



  1. What does this mean? Metroid was the last game on 3ds worth buying…definitely not for little children.

  2. n3DS will be phased out in the next year & the n2DS will continue as a cheaper, more durable alternative to Switch for parents to buy their kids. Of course, any ports will be given no 2nd screen features (unless they come from the DS.)

    That’s my theory, anyway.

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