Nintendo Switch

Video: First 30 Minutes Of De Blob On Nintendo Switch

Colourful platformer De Blob is set to grace the Nintendo Switch soon so it is interesting to see how the game holds up on the platform. NintenDaan has captured around 30 minutes of footage of the game in action on Nintendo’s latest system. If you are on the fence about pre-purchasing the title then be sure to have a watch of the video to see if the Nintendo Switch version is going to be worth your money.



      1. In the original Wii port of the game, you had to swing your Wii mote just to jump, as opposed to simply pressing the A button.


      1. I only played this game once for a couple of hour a few years ago, and that was one of the things hindered my enjoyment. Hopefully I can give this game another chance and get back into it.


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