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Kimishima Says That The Plan Is To “Still Ship 20,000,000 Switch Units & 100,000,000 Games By The End Of This Fiscal Year”

Nintendo has been holding a shareholder meeting tonight. This is the first meeting since E3, and the last that will have Tatsumi Kimishima as Nintendo’s President. Kimishima says that they still intend to “ship 20,000,000 Switch units and 100,000,000 games by the end of this fiscal year”. Kimishima also says that “all employees at Nintendo are focused to get there”. We’ve included a tweet down below that relayed the news.

35 thoughts on “Kimishima Says That The Plan Is To “Still Ship 20,000,000 Switch Units & 100,000,000 Games By The End Of This Fiscal Year””

  1. Smash Bros. and Pokemon will help with that, and Fire Emblem might as well if it comes out before the end of the fiscal year. Curious if we have any data on how many units they’ve sold so far this year.

    1. Total Switch softwares sold since launch is 53 million according to VGChartz. Even Pokemon and Smash cannot help doubling this number in 3- 4 months timeframe.

      1. And yet Nintendo announced that there were 63 million software units sold at their last investor meeting in April so looking at VG chartz for accurate numbers is pointless. This was up to 31st March 2018 too.

  2. They were at 17.79 at the end of March so I’m sure it’s gotta be close…. or are they meaning 20 million just in this fiscal year ? I’m pretty sure they aren’t just trying to sell 2.3 million in an entire year right ?

  3. I don’t know how they’re selling so many Switches in the first place, with such a dramatic lack of AAA titles. Most of the games on Switch seem so casual. I’m glad the Switch is selling so well. But I still can’t figure out why. Mine never gets touched. And it’s the only Nintendo console that I didn’t really recommend or brag about to other family members. Aside from me praising Breath Of The Wild again and again.

    Even afer Pokemon and Smash Bros. releases, I’ll still feel the same. Since I’m not into those games (Sakurai killed my interest in the Smash series with the Wii U version). But alas, I’m sure these games will help sell many more Switch consoles.

      1. No point in speculating any further. No matter what game I mention, someone else will get offended because they love it. Even games that are total crap to me have fanbases. MOST games I’ve seen on Switch are casual. Especially the indie games. Not saying those are crap, just casual.

    1. So the families with kids around my own’s age are getting: Zelda, Mario Kart, Tennis, and Odyssey. A couple got Kirby and/or DKC and I’ve been recommending Captain Toad to all of them. They’re not the kind of people that are buying a new game every month or watching for new releases all the time. They’re not going to go looking for games again until Christmas.

      But take a family where mom/dad grew up with even just a little bit of gaming that are looking for a Christmas gift this year? They’re seeing a console with Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Mario Odyssey, Smash Bros, a couple different Pokemon games, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Captain Toad, and hey this Rabbids game has Mario on it, the kids might like that. That’s a solid stable of 12 recognizable Nintendo games to choose from with a pretty killer metacritic average between them all. Toss in Splatoon and Arms, and you’ve got 14 different games that are all great for a family to pick up for Christmas. That’s why this things going to move some major numbers this year.

    2. There has been one big game every month since launch. Just because they are not Zelda and Mario, it does not automatically make them casual games. Check the release calendar and you will see at least one good title every month since launch.

      1. The quantity of new games on this console for its first year was crazy! Either first party or third party! And most of them are million sellers! This E³ didn’t show the whole stuff, just like last year but starting now, there are Mario tennis, Paladins, Wolfenstein 2, Starlink, FIFA, dragon ball fighterz, Pokémon, Smash Bros and some really good indie games AND we don’t know the schedule from January to march. I have absolutely concern regarding the sales!

    3. doom, wolf, skyrim. not casual and AAA. plus another coming in july. i would say switch has the best support from 3rd of all consoles they every released and just because there arent more to buy today doesnt mean they arent been developed/ported today

    4. You are comparing a Nintendo Console to the competition, if you buy a Nintendo console for any other reason but Nintendo games, then you are wrong, not the company, as for why the Switch is selling so much? because you want it or not they are still the biggest and most recognizable gaming company in the world, they don’t need 3rd party help to succeed but is a condiment that always helps, that been Nintendo since the GC generation, and that is Nintendo till the end, PC exist if you want strong 3rd party games, or get a PS4.

    5. It’s your viewpoint on what you like to play. I love the Xenoblade franchise, I love playing Splatoon 2 (500 hours). I played Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. ARMS (50 hours). Mario+Rabbids (not an easy game). Lots of ports, some I haven’t played like donkey kong and treasure tracker. The argument is just based on what you like. Nintendo is most likely not for you. Mario Tennis just came out as well.

    6. The Switch is selling well because it has fantastic games that people wanna play. People loooove to act like PS are the only ones to crank out quality games.

    7. While the 3rd party triple A support is lacking, sometimes with the right combination of certain triple A support (and plenty of fun games that are cheap to buy like the indie titles), it was enough to help the Switch sell better than Wii U before it’s first birthday. Zelda, Mario, Fire Emblem+Warriors/Musou, Skyrim, Doom, Splatoon 2, ARMS, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Sonic Mania, Super Bomberman R, Wolftenstein 2, FIFA 18, & Mario+Rabbids to name a few scattered throughout 2017 was just the right combination of triple A Nintendo 1st party & 3rd party support.

  4. Achieving the hardware sales target of 20m will not be a challenge since it is now sitting a bit over 17m.

    However the software sales target will not be easy to reach since the present total software sales is approximately 53m for Nintendo Switch.

    Can pokemon LG and Smash Ultimate sell 47m by March 2019 to reach the target of total Switch software sales of 100m? very unlikely.

    1. You are confused. It is not 20 million total sales it is 20 million just for this fiscal year on top of the 17 million that were sold last financial year. The same for the software. They must still be very confident of hitting it if they are reiterating these numbers as it doesn’t look good to investors when you don’t hit your targets, however ambitious. They reduced their targets a lot with the Wii u.

      1. I think to get those kind of unit sales Nintendo must be banking on bringing in a chunk of the Pokémon go user base with the ‘let’s go’ games. If Nintendo can tempt a percentage of them to stump up and buy a switch then 20 million is achieveable but with that kind of market there are no guarantees that they are into game enough to pay the amount for the switch. We will see.

  5. As much as some people might complain that Nintendo’s E3 was too light on content, the reality is that they got a Mario game, Pokemon, and Smash all coming before the end of the year. Those alone will likely get them to their sales goal.

  6. i think the only way a est of 20 million switchs sold in one year is a china release. This is nintendo , the company that originally est 8 mill in the first year. They are extremely conservative and 20 mill seam like far too high a number for 2nd yr . however if you add a china release, last 2 qtrs, then suddendly 20 mill is conservative again

    1. Switch has been undoubtedly successful, and rightfully so…I just dont understand why Nintendo always seems to be overly aggressive with these sales goals (same thing happened in Wii U era to a relative degree)…Just feel they should pace themselves with these estimates, then be able to say they beat their marks and keep the good Nintendo feelings rolling. There tends to be a lot of hype with this company– both good and bad– I say do not increase the risk of giving the doubters /haters any ammunition.

      1. Hitting your mark is good & all but hitting your mark & surpassing it is just as good, if not sometimes better, so I agree they should go back to being conservative with their estimates.

      2. If Nintendo sold 17 million units in their first fiscal year, and they hold a shareholder’s meeting to announce to their investors that they estimate sales in the second fiscal year to be 15 million or 10 million, that signals a drop-off and low-confidence. Unfortunately investors would wonder why Nintendo is estimating fewer sales in the second year and many would pull out. On the other hand, by announcing a more aggressive sales goal in the second year it shows a much more confident Nintendo which is what investors want: growth. Obviously they need to reach this new goal, but if they can it makes Nintendo a much more attractive company to invest in.

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