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Reggie Says That “Improving [Switch eShop] Curation Is Something That We’re Committed To Do”

Waypoint did an E3 2018 interview with Reggie Fils-Aime. They covered a variety of topics in the interview, including the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. Waypoint talked to Reggie about how easy it is to miss a Switch eShop title if it “isn’t best-selling or didn’t just come out”. Reggie says that improving the curation is something Nintendo is addressing. Here’s what Reggie said in full:

The new thing I’m hearing from independent developers—who also tell me that they love to be on the Switch—is that there is some growing frustration with the curation and discoverability on the eShop. They think it’s a great platform. Fans are finding their games there through external curation: through journalists, through critics, through social media-

Through our own support.

Totally. But when I open up the Switch, and I go to the store, if something isn’t best-selling or didn’t just come out, it’s just so easy to miss it. What can you commit to in terms of improving that?

Improving curation is something that we’re committed to do and we’ve just taken some steps.

We’ve added two new “shelves,” essentially two new categories for you to use to find the content you want. One is an overall best-selling category. The other one is a digital only best seller, because from a Nintendo perspective we make our products available dual distribution, and an independent developer might not. And so numerically, the numbers are different. So, you know, that’s a step that we’ve just taken. We continue to look at other ways to enhance curation.

You touched on, let’s call it “off-device curation.” We’re working exceptionally hard to drive that forward with what we do on and how we enhance search capabilities. There’s a lot of work that we’re doing.

In the end I believe the reason that the independent developer is saying that their games are selling best Switch is because of, in total, that environment we’re creating. Consumers are highly engaged. Consumers are looking for this content. And the activity that we’re doing and will continue to do to help consumers find this great content.


8 thoughts on “Reggie Says That “Improving [Switch eShop] Curation Is Something That We’re Committed To Do””

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  2. “Consumers are looking for this content”
    Maud:”Henry, have you found the mario cars yet?”
    Henry:”Mario cars? I can’t see the screen… This says Mario Kart Maud”
    Maud:”Mario Kart? Is it a shopping game?”
    Henry:”I have to buy it at the store?”
    Maud:”I forgot what we’re looking for…”

    1. Honestly that would be awful. Theres too much there and it looks messy. The hard thing to do with this kind of thing is to make it look simple and attractive whilst still making things relatively easy to find. In my personal opinion I think this kind of issue is actually a lot of nonsense as any kind of shopping involves a certain amount of work by the individual in sifting through what is available and it’s pretty easy to find anything by using the search engine on the eshop. I think what they have now is fine.

  3. it’s the same thing with mother and netflix. over night fixes that are so simple that when they finally happen no one will care. the e-shop is a mess. there was nothing wrong with it on the wiiU. idiots.

    1. Personally, I miss the eShop music. Adding something as simple as a catchy tune can actually entice buyers to spend more money. It’s a psychological thing. Not sure why the 3DS and Wii U had music in their eShops, but the Switch still doesn’t. Seems like a missed opportunity.

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