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Nintendo Europe Reveals New President And Management Structure

Nintendo of Europe GmbH is pleased to announce the new senior management structure put in place as the company bids a fond farewell to Mr Satoru Shibata, who has returned to the company headquarters in Kyoto, Japan, after fulfilling the role of Nintendo of Europe President for 18 years.

Mr Shibata joined Nintendo of Europe as its president in 2000, after previous engagements at Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Japan, where he started his employment in 1985, Nintendo UK (1993) and Nintendo Australia Pty. Ltd (1996). Mr Shibata returns to Kyoto in a new position within Nintendo Co., Ltd. as General Manager of the Marketing Division as well as of the Licensing Division, in addition to joining the Board of Directors, from 28th June, 2018.

As per 1st July, Mr Koji Miyake, former General Manager of the Human Resources Department at Nintendo Co., Ltd., joins Nintendo of Europe as CEO/Chairman within the new senior management structure. The mantle of Nintendo of Europe President will be taken up by Mr Stephan Bole as COO/President. Mr Bole will be supported by Mr Luciano Pereña as CFO and Mr Laurent Fischer as CMO.

“To say that Mr Shibata’s contributions have been instrumental to Nintendo’s European operations is an understatement,” said new Nintendo of Europe President Stephan Bole, “His efforts over the past 18 years have helped to bring Nintendo products to generations of players across Europe – and beyond. While he will be missed by many, I have full confidence that with our new structure we’ll be able to continue our mission of putting smiles on people’s faces through our unique gaming experiences.”

Mr Bole brings extensive experience to his new position, having served as Managing Director of Nintendo France from 2001-2015, as well as through his roles as Senior Managing Director Corporate Strategy (2009-2015) and Senior Managing Director European Subsidiaries & Affiliates (2015-2018) at Nintendo of Europe.

The new senior management structure at Nintendo of Europe comes on the heels of a change in management structure at the company’s headquarters, where Mr Tatsumi Kimishima recently retired as Representative Director and President at Nintendo Co., Ltd. Effective today, Mr Shuntaro Furukawa was appointed as Representative Director and President.


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  1. Would it hurt to put some pictures on this article? Writing long paragraphs on a white plain background belongs to the internet of year 2000.

      1. More images wouldn’t be such a bad thing so people will know what each of these guys look like. So it’s not really about being illiterate but wanting to put faces to those names.

  2. OMG I actually meet that guy when i was a n00bie in reach helping out with the kid icarus uprising booth, I can’t say i didnt see that coming but it it certainly awesome to see him move up in the corperate ladder of the company.

  3. Satoru Shibata is now part of the Board of Directors at Nintendo!? That’s good news to me considering how well he did as NOE’s CEO with making that division better than what they were in the 90s which was crap considering how long it took to get games there compared to America. Not to mention while NoA was going downward in regards to all kinds of stuff, NoE was going upward (like getting Xenoblade Chronicles & The Last Story before America.)

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