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Shuntaro Furukawa Is Now The President Of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

The 78th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders that has been taking place in Kyoko is the last for Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima. In fact, today is the day that Kimishima’s presidency was expected to conclude. Shuntaro Furukawa had been confirmed to be his successor for a while now. That said, it has been confirmed that Shuntaro Furukawa is now the 6th president of Nintendo.


23 thoughts on “Shuntaro Furukawa Is Now The President Of Nintendo Co., Ltd.”

  1. Changing of the guard. Kimishima San is a brilliant man. They new President has that great outlook too.

  2. I have high hopes and expectations of Furukawa- may he do Nintendo and us, the fans, proud.

    And to Kimishima, thank you for filling in after the sudden loss of Iwata and putting Nintendo back onto a good track.

  3. i love how you all worship this greedy, listed, corporation. i for one am not impressed with how things have turned since Iwata passed away. We shall see in the long run when looking at the bigger picture, but they are not treating the corporation like a family member anymore. i always feel bad for the founders of great things who think they are passing things onto other great people, all the fortune, time, their whole lives, just to be chopped up and squandered by lowly thieves.

  4. Kimishima was doing pretty good but still not good enough. Thanks all the same, though. Let’s hope Furukawa can improve upon what Kimishima started & do great instead of doing pretty good.

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  6. He looks younger I hope he will be more in touch with modern technologies, practices etc.

    Let’s hope he shakes things up a fair bit for the better.

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