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Video: Nintendo Minute Shares Unpopular Gaming Opinions

The latest installment of Nintendo Minute has just been released. This week, no Switch title is seen. However, that doesn’t mean that Kit and Krysta have nothing to talk about. This week, the pair say in the video description that they are “sharing our unpopular gaming opinions. We’re all human and we all have our own thoughts and feelings”. Here’s the video:


3 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Minute Shares Unpopular Gaming Opinions”

  1. Prefer Navi over Midna. Shadow the Hedgehog was a fun, awesome game. I’m highly enjoying Sonic Forces on my PS4. I enjoyed The Last Jedi. I love the Star Wars prequels. I enjoyed the Ewoks. … Wait. I drifted off from unpopular gaming opinions to unpopular movie opinions.

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