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Canada: The Nintendo Switch Has Received A Price Drop

If you live in Canada, and you have yet to purchase a Switch, then you may have just gotten a good opportunity to do so. Nintendo Canada has given the console a price drop. The console’s new price, $379.99, is effective “immediately”. The new price is already in effect for retailers, including Walmart and Amazon. A tweet relaying the news is down below.

9 thoughts on “Canada: The Nintendo Switch Has Received A Price Drop”

  1. …….. that’s not even a viable excuse of a price drop. Another 30 bucks and then I’ll accept that….. slightly

      1. I work at a Canadian retail store, try selling people on a Switch and then selling them on the $450 price point.

  2. At current exchange rates that’s a drop from $304.20 to $289.00 in US dollars for those who are weirded out by the Canadian dollar.

    1. Actually, you guys are forgetting that in Canada, we have VAT. You can’t get away without it. So if your purchase the console in Quebec for instance, the reduced price would be $332 USD (and not $289 as stated).

  3. So that’s around £220.00 that’s a good deal because it’s £279.99 here in the UK

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