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Ubisoft CEO Says There Will Be More Surprise Nintendo Collaborations

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has revealed in an E3 2018 interview that the company is planning more surprise Nintendo collaborations in the future. We’ve already has Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and its Donkey Kong themed DLC, and also Fox McCloud in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. It will be interesting to hear what the company plans next.

“It is very strong because we have done many things together in the past,” Guillemot explained, responding to a question about why Ubisoft’s relationship with Nintendo is as strong as it is and whether such collaborations will continue.

“The Nintendo brands and their capacity to create fantastic games is really something that our creators in Ubisoft love, and when they can collaborate with Nintendo they are extremely happy to do so. So, yes it will continue, and I hope we will be able to surprise you with new things in the future.”

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23 thoughts on “Ubisoft CEO Says There Will Be More Surprise Nintendo Collaborations”

    1. Would be cool to play as Rayman in Smash Ultimate. Also, I think they (the team that make the DK Adventure DLC) are excellent to make a 3D Donkey Kong.

    1. If anything they were they only third party that gave the Wii U a chance. Yea it all went to shit in the end but considering other third parties didn’t even bother it was something.

      1. A chance maybe, but their ports were mostly bad. AC4 ran like crap on Wii U compared to 360. The was also input lag and an uncapped framerate which just added to the mess.

  1. I don’t understand why people are still going on about the “Ubisoft back-stabbed Nintendo” stuff.
    You have to remember that Ubisoft was one of the first Third-Parties that supported the Wii U since launch Day 1, starting with Zombie U.
    Also, we’re talking about a console that even Nintendo themselves acknowledged as a failed product back then.
    Not because it wasn’t good, but due of the lack of marketing and the poor business decisions they made with it. That’s what caused its downfall.
    You can’t blame a Third-Party for something like that.

    Anyways, the Wii U is the past.
    We are now in the era of the Switch, and both sides (Nintendo and Ubisoft) have made an excellent start with the deliverance of an amazing console (Switch) and an amazing title (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle).
    So lets have a bit of faith in them.

    1. Who knows, maybe Ubisoft will let Nintendo put Rayman in Smash Ultimate. In other news, it seems that according to a new post in this site, Retro Studios may be in bad state due to poor management.

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