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Digital Foundry: Wolfenstein II “There’s No Getting Around It – This Really Is A Very Blurry Game”

The latest project that the team at Digital Foundry has tackled in the first person shooter Wolfenstein IIย on Nintendo Switch from the folks at Bethesda. The impressions are that Panic Button have done their best in creating the port for the Nintendo Switch, but the experience can be quite blurry at times. They say that the frame-rate is mostly locked 30fps with a few exceptions especially in big battles. Here’s the resolution information:

“Everything ranging from a top end of 720p to 1216×684 to 540p and 432p all the way down to 640×360. When played in portable mode, 768×432 and 640×360 are common pixel counts, but it can increase from there depending on load. In general, it’s comparable to the Switch version of Doom but seems to scale towards the low-end more often. There’s no getting around it – this really is a very blurry game.”


32 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Wolfenstein II “There’s No Getting Around It – This Really Is A Very Blurry Game””

  1. Don’t give a shit for Digital Foundry. Still picking this up. I’m pretty impressed with Panic Button for getting a late 2017 game running on the Switch.

    1. You don’t give a shit for Digital Foundry for telling the truth?

      Actually watch their video. They are praising both the game and Panic Button, mentioning the fact that no levels needed to be cut out. They simply said the game is blurry, but it wasn’t a knock on the game. It’s just the truth. The Eurogamer article simply reiterates the video.

      Not sure why My Nintendo News wanted to headline the article with the only negative part of the video. Clicks maybe? Whatever the reason is, the headline is a gross misrepresentation of the overall tone of Digital Foundry’s analysis.

  2. Between Fortnite, Rabbids DLC, and Crash I donโ€™t really have time for this game now. Iโ€™ll probably end up skipping it and just put my hopes on Doom Eternal for my next Bethesda game.

    1. Andrew Joseph Curran

      Just because you don’t get it at launch doesn’t mean you have to skip it entirely. Just wait until you don’t have as much to play and then pick it up.

        1. Yeah, but YT does covert videoes when you upload it, so they could in theory have applied a filter to the moviefile itself. The films I upload to YT have not the same properties when I download them

    1. YouTube videos are not very well compressed at all. There’s cases where 1080p video gets enough of a bump in quality when uploaded as 1440p or 2160p that it actually looks like the video was shot at a higher resolution. Of course, the degree of improvement changes depending on how much detail (high frequency, high contrast) is in the shot and how movement is going on.

  3. Maybe theyโ€™ve just spent so much time playing and analysing games that their own eyes are going blurry.

    Iโ€™m playing it, and it runs and looks pretty cool.
    We might also get some dl patches sometime now that the games released like we did with doom ( or nearly every game for that matter)

    1. Analysing games is their job, and with so many games running at 4k on Xbox One X, of course things will be blurry when it gets down to 576p with post process AA.

  4. Level design is normal like other versions. Graphic is no important. PS2 graphic is adekvate for all doom style games.

  5. I’m not a fan of these graphical comparison/analysis-type videos, myself… I get that a lot of times with the Switch ones people are just impressed with how well a handheld holds up against consoles, but putting every little graphical detail under the microscope just feels like we’re training ourselves to enjoy these games less.

  6. This is really a shameful misrepresentation of the DF assessment of the game with this click-bait headline and I urge the editors to amend it.

    As an example, this is how the DF article closes:
    “But there it is – Wolfenstein 2 on a handheld, an entirely unique way of playing one of last year’s best, most technologically advanced releases. It shouldn’t work but somehow it does and we highly recommend checking it out.”

  7. I played both the Xbox X and Switch version and I donโ€™t notice any difference. I think I might prefer the Switch version. Itโ€™s smoother and sharper.

    1. Sorry, but I call BS on that. Sure, I also prefer the Switch version of Doom, but when you don’t see a difference between 4k and sub-HD, then you really need to check again.

      1. Same, I call BS too. It’s true the Switch’s 720P display makes it not as noticeable, but there is no way in hell you don’t see a difference with that big of a gap in resolution and quality.

  8. You complaining about pixel counts ? Let me tell you sonny, back in my day the character WAS a pixel, one huge pixel. He had no colors. The wall and enemies were all the same color. There were only 2 colors and both were a shade of gray. We used our imagination to create dungeons and heroโ€™s. You children are to spoiled these days. ๐Ÿ˜‹

    Alright so Atari was slightly before my time but I say all this to note that despite the technical shortcomings on Switch, this game still looks really good imo.

  9. Digital Foundry are a new religion among certain gamers, they sometimes dont even give a game a chance if it doesnt pass the Fps and resolution trial. That’s sad…

  10. Digital Foundry are liars and they are very biased against Nintendo. I think Sony pays them to spread lies.

  11. Wow wow Nintendo fanboy just hate DF so much for it just reveal a simple fact that NS
    is much more weaker than current generatuon console even in docked mode,they attack it because
    their eyes are blind due to Nintendo System Pixel Graphic.They just pretent to see no difference between NS and current generation.

    1. What more pathetic is that actually NS is not going to competive with crrent generation,it is WiiU which went to and failed.
      NS is going to competive with the NEXT generation such as PS5,time will see.

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