Sakurai Says He Does Think About Working On Other Games Beside Smash Bros But Nintendo Is The Boss

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed in a recent interview that he does occasionally think about working on games that aren’t Super Smash Bros related, but it’s ultimately down to Nintendo, and when they ask him to make a new Super Smash Bros game he’s always makes that his top priority.

“Of course, there’s always that little voice inside of me that says, “I want to work on things that aren’t Smash Bros.,” and I listen to it. But even so, if it’s apparent that my games have even a little bit of personality in them and the player is able to appreciate that, then I’m grateful.

Still, it’s Nintendo that decides whether a new Smash Bros. game will be made or not. When I get that request, it’s my job to make that my top priority without thinking too much about other things. As it stands, I have a ludicrous amount of directing to do – my work is incredibly extensive, and I don’t think that’ll change any time soon! At the very least, it isn’t unreasonable to say that there won’t be another Smash Bros. for awhile after this one is finished.”

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  1. Didn’t Sakurai make that one game named after a Star Fox 64 level that absolutely no one talks about because his role in Smash Bros, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and pre-Amazing Mirror Kirby overshadows that?

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  2. I hope sakurai works on a another ip after ultimate. Cuz mostly likely we won’t see another smash in another 6 years or more if Nintendo serious about the switch having a long life

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  3. You know what I would be interested to see? Sakurai directing an F-Zero game. The man has experience of platformers, action-adventure, and fighting games under his belt so seeing him direct a full racing game could be a good idea.
    I don’t know if he’s worked on any racing games in the past but if he has, more power to him.


    1. Not gonna happen. Lord Sakurai worked, I believe, on Kirby Air Ride for the GameCube and that’s the only racing game he worked on.
      He is the best in platform games


      1. Well, he didn’t create Kid Icarus and managed to make a fantastic 3rd-person shooter so who’s to say he can’t take F-Zero and make a fantastic racing game?


      2. In interviews, didn’t Sakurai say he considers Smash Bros to be a platform-party game rather than a fighting game?


  4. I hope Sakurai makes another kid Icarus game soon, because some of us are waiting for another game like that to Nintendo Switch soon. I know Sakurai makes other games like kirby and other projects he worked on.

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    1. I’m waiting for the eventual announcement of kid Icarus switch with gyro aiming as an option that would be cool. I loved the 3ds one but i do admit the controls were awkward.


    1. But that’s not how ports work smash ultimate is combination of all games so you would have to call it a 64 GameCube Wii 3ds Wii U enchanted ports all smash games are like the same thing with a few changes you get some existing stages and a few new stages and characters saying what you just said would be like calling Super smash bros 4 a eye candy version of brawl


  5. I hope he gets to work on something else. I’m so glad he’s making Smash, but I know how it is to want to unleash creativity and make something original, or even just different.


  6. As much as I enjoy Smash Bros, I’d really love to see progress with Sakurai’s other ip’s. I’d love to see Kid Icarus get some more love and a new title for the Switch with better controls and a plot that brings previous characters from the series back. I feel like the majority only know Sakurai for Smash Bros, and it’d be great to see him get recognized for his other creations.

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      1. Really? I always thought that Kid Icarus was his thing. He loved working on it, so I had assumed. Still, I’d love to see Kid Icarus gain some proper love and attention again, it needs it. I feel like, with the switch it’s got so much potential to revive the series into something more, but Nintendo’s sleeping on it.


  7. Seeing how its been thus far it will be ports of kid icarus and other kirby games to the switch for a good few years to come. But I still have hope for new Ips and fresh games


    1. Miyamoto did it with Zelda when he gave the series over to Aonuma who has done the same by handing the series over to *insert name here because I forgots it.* Sakurai needs to quit being such a pushover & finally tell Nintendo no for a change. He has his own developer company in Sora Ltd. It’s time to stop being in service to Nintendo 24/7 and cut the rope if they won’t let him do his own thing so he can do his own thing.


  8. How about a Kid Icarus /Kirby cross-over game? Naaa….
    But a new Kid Icarus game or a better controlled HD remake of Uprising would be great. Just so long as Sakurai doesn’t overwork himself like he tends to do.


  9. He owns his own company yet he keeps being in total service to Nintendo. Are you an employee or a slave, dude?


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