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There’s An Actual Movement Trying To Make Nintendo Return Snake’s Butt To Its Former Glory In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Prior to the reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the only Super Smash Bros. game in which Snake was playable was Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii. A significant number of fans aren’t pleased with the appearance of Snake’s butt (or lack thereof) in the upcoming fighting sequel, so they started a movement on social media called #FreeSnakesButt. This has attracted the attention of countless Snake supporters, including the voice of Snake himself – David Hayter:

48 thoughts on “There’s An Actual Movement Trying To Make Nintendo Return Snake’s Butt To Its Former Glory In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

  1. The one on the right looks deformed. They deformed Samus too and as a Metroid fan it’s one of the things that turned me off Smash Ultimate, but honestly at least she still looks human. Snake’s fans got the bigger middle finger.

    Would’ve been better to have left him out, at least then there’s no licensing fees paid to a dodgy company which harasses people, which is another reason I’m turned off this game.

      1. Why would you call a change in boob size deformed? They are referring more to the shape rather than the size. (I think. I could be wrong and they are using the wrong word to describe their dislike of the changed body parts.)

    1. As an artist who is currently studying women’s figures (Without breast implants) and who do a lot of exercise (Not that kind), she looks more realistic now. Defined muscle structure for one, she moves a lot so she should have muscles showing. And breasts under a skin tight suit don’t retain their shape, even if they are as big as they appeared in smash wii u. Not that you would know what real breasts look like.

  2. Changing the size of Snake’s butt & ZS Samus’s boobs & booty is one thing but…. they look so… Blocky! Because of this, I am now obligated to fuck these characters up using Ridley whenever the opportunity arises. Those deformed body parts on my screen will not be tolerated!

  3. Snake looks like he has nothin’ at all! Nothin’ at all! Nothin’ at all! Nothin’ at all!

  4. Of all the movements…………

    And this takes priority over, you know, other playable characters or an SSE-esque story mode (even a simple adventure/platformer mode)?

    Are people acting like this on purpose? Ever since SSBU (Ultimate) was announced, fans have been demanding Waluigi (despite being confirmed as an assist trophy) and more characters (specifically as echo fighters).

    I wonder what will provoke Sakurai to outright ignore fans, cancel an SSB game, or end the franchise one of these days?

  5. In my opinion I don’t really care about this.

    Also people is upset about Zero Suit Samus’s chest well I think in real the size of her chest is just like the original design of the character. Zero Suit Samus doesn’t have a really large chest. You can see here in Metroid Prime 3

    If it was Camilla from Fe Fates who gets her chest reduced then there was a problem but we are not talking about her.

    I know people who is sad about WaLuigi isn’t playable but to me that’s ok. Heck I was sad when I saw Bomberman be an assist character instead of playable

    The only thing I matter is the new characters. I hope Bandy will be in Smash

  6. I’m not ready to grab my pitch fork or anything but they should consider giving Snake his butt back. Its seriously a detraction of his character I think. As for Samus I prefer this change, don’t need the most badass bounty hunter to be overly sexualized. Besides they’re more realistically proportioned to a skin tight suit now.

  7. Well, I’m sure they will do an update about that once the game comes out. They did a few updates for smash bros 4 and I’m sure they will fix Snake’s butt.

  8. Of all the things to make a storm over, this is what people pick? Not “upgrade Krystal from assist to playable” or “give us Subspace Emissary 2” or something sensible?

  9. LOL… I’ll throw in my hat as support. Even Samus got a chest reduction, I haven’t seen any complaints for Captain Falcons’s diminished glutes and bulge though. C’mon Sakurai, bigger is better and add some jiggle! :D

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