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Nintendo Shares Super Mario Odyssey Concept Art For Lake Lamode At Lake Kingdom

Nintendo of America has shared more concept art from the excellent Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. This time they have revealed a peice of new concept art for Lake Lamode, which you’ll be aware is in the Lake Kingdom in Mario’s latest 3D adventure. If you’ve yet to purchase the game be sure to read our review!





    1. I’ve been waiting for a drawn mario game (like Rayman Legends) for a while. Honestly, if they get the team at Ubisoft behind legends to do that I’m sure it would be great (Ala Mario Rabbids)

  1. Lazy game, this world isn’t any larger than Beach Bowl Galaxy, but we’re supposed to accept it being one of about 10 worlds, instead of 1 of about 45.

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