Nintendo Switch

Japan: Nintendo Switch Has Now Sold Just Over 4.5 Million Units

Famitsu has revealed that Nintendo has currently shifted 4.5 million systems in Japan. As you will have noticed from the Media Create sales which are published every Wednesday, the Nintendo Switch has become the dominant console in Japan, usually outselling Sony’s PlayStation 4 each week. The exact number of consoles sold since Famitsu released its data is 4,524,037 systems. It shouldn’t be too long until the Nintendo Switch reaches the 5 million mark if sales continue to rise.




    1. Unfortunately we don’t get weekly numbers like that in other countries. The most recent numbers I’ve seen were 17 million at the end of April.

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    1. Technically, you should say it’s an impressive number for a pathetic port machine. It’s trending to surpass lifetime Gamecube and Xbox OG sales before we hit Christmas and projected to easily surpass N64 lifetime sales by the end of the holidays. All by year two. Sure, it’s got a long way to go before it plays with the big dogs (around 70 mil+ lifetime sales is where you need to be for that), but 60-80 mil by the end of a 4-5 year run is pretty reasonable unless we see some dramatic shifts in the sales charts.

      You can say what you will about quality, but when you make up crap about numbers you just sound silly, Mr. Silly Bear.

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