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Daisuke Sato Doesn’t Think Yakuza Series Is A Good Fit For Nintendo Switch

French video game publication GameBlog has published a new interview with Daisuke Sato And Takaya Kuroda to discuss the popular Yakuza series. They were asked about whether the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One were possibilities for the series going forward. They liked the idea of the Xbox One, but they didn’t think that the Nintendo Switch would be a good fit for the established franchise. Be warned the article is obviously French translated into English, but it should give you a decent understanding.

Ryu Ga Gotoku 1 & 2 HD is released on Wii U. Binary Domain is released on Xbox 360. Why not take out the Yakuza on Switch and Xbox One to further enlarge the base of fans of the series in the West? 

Daisuke Sato:To be realistic about what happened, Ryu Ga Gotoku 1 & 2 HD for Wii U was a major failure. But we always have the optics to develop the multi platforms as much as possible and we know that it brings an additional audience and that it allows to drain more people. On the other hand, as far as the Switch is concerned, I’m convinced that this is not the platform on which to develop Yakuza games would be ideal. Maybe the public does not expect this kind of game on Switch. Maybe they are used to different games. This may not be the ideal platform. Regarding the Xbox One, we can possibly consider it, knowing Xbox One users may be more likely to be interested in a game like Yakuza. This could potentially be an option.


42 thoughts on “Daisuke Sato Doesn’t Think Yakuza Series Is A Good Fit For Nintendo Switch”

  1. 🤔 I have a PS4 and Xbox One but I would rather play those games on Switch tbh. Keep seeing Yakuza on sale for PS4 but there is just so much else to play on those systems right now that I always ending choosing something else.

    1. Then you must have one hell of a shitty tv, because if you had a decent one with 120hz and fast motion in 4K HDR you would go PS4 anyway. Switch is more aimed at kids playing the game boy in the car when mommy drives around.

      Ever seen a adult like in the Nintendo commercials seeing gaming Nintendo outside ?
      I don’t think so, welcome in reality.

      1. He is old enough to explain and defend himself, no need to white knight another guy. And your likes shows me how desperate you trying to get your point right, I must told something true since it hurt you so much.

        1. The truth, huh?

          “You don’t play games like I do, so you must have a shitty TV.”

          “I’ve never seen an adult play the Switch outside, so it’s aimed at kids.”

          Sorry. I don’t know how I overlooked these facts. Lol.

          1. Didn’t you get the memo, Hollow? Personal experience means “If I haven’t seen it, it’s not true so I know the facts! #YouAreIdiotsAndI’mAlwaysRight” lol

            Til you take a flat earther into outer space & let them see the earth is round with their own eyes, they’ll continue living in their delusion that the earth is flat.

      2. Nice opinion, but nah, I have a pretty nice setup, the 3 most current model consoles and a gaming PC but I don’t really care about the graphics of a game like Yakuza so much that I need to play it on PS4 Pro. My Switch is what I’ve been wanting to spend more time playing lately- I really like the Pro controller and would like to play Yakuza there. Simple as that. Been making my way through God of War and Horizon dlc when I play PS4 lately. Weird how people can just feel differently about things like this huh?

      3. The thing is Bayonetta is on the switch and yes I’ve seen adult bring the switch with them and that makes me very jealous and I think he isn’t seeing the opportunity on sale but resolution they want their game to look good and the switch Lacks that resolution/power

  2. Why dont sell on Wii U and could be a big deal in Switch
    1st: Its a lazy port from ps2 games(and compared with ps3)
    2nd: Wii u solds poorly in general
    3rd: Switch fans are so different
    5th: The xone fans dont play japanese titles(Addendum)

    1. Your addendum is mistaken (Xbox One owners bought Dark Souls and Monster Hunter World very well, we’ll see how Nier Automata does), but I still think it’d be nice to see it available on Switch.

  3. This is just a ridiculous non-progressive excuse. He may have also said that he doesn’t think that Yakuza cartridge wouldn’t look as cool as an optical disc, it would be the same kind of excuse.

    1. He can’t base his opinion on Wii U sales… we all know Wii U is the biggest failure in Nintendo history. It just makes him look like an idiot who’s living in 2016, when the only thing we knew about Switch was that it was codenamed ‘NX’.

    1. All PS4 games are overrated.
      The days of a good Metal Gear and Final fantasy from Squaresoft are long over my friend.

      PS4 = interactive Movie player. You press and same shit happens, every time.

      1. Yep. I’ve been trying to get people to play the series for the past decade. It’s finally gaining some mainstream recognition. The franchise was super underrated and under the radar to the point that we had to petition SEGA and get Sony Third Party Productions to help localize the rest of the series after Yakuza 4 came out. We almost didn’t get 5 and if we didn’t get 5 we sure as heck weren’t going to get the PS4 games.

  4. It shall not fair well on the Xbox. The Switch shall be the most important console going forward. This producer shall eat his words. Let us game on.

  5. I for one would buy Yakuza games in a heartbeat. I have kiwami and song of life on PS4 and have played neither of them because I don’t have time . Switch is my main machine for it’s portability. I wish they were on switch honestly lol

  6. Edson Masculino de Andrade

    Why dont sell on Wii U and could be a big deal in Switch
    1st: Its a lazy port from ps2 games(and compared with ps3)
    2nd: Wii u solds poorly in general
    3rd: Switch fans are so different
    5th: The xone fans dont play japanese titles(Addendum)

  7. Andrew Joseph Curran

    He thinks he has a mature game franchise that would not sell on a console that is popular with players who do not tend to play mature-rated games.

    Makes sense, but I have to say, the Switch is a lot different from the WIi U. Yakuza could be moderately succesful on the console, but I’m sure the developer is not interested in moderate success or even the possibility of failure. Business men invest where they can be sure they will make a sizable return.

  8. I don’t like his attitude but I’d love to buy the Yakuza series on Switch. Is it his decision? Sega didn’t think Westerners were interested either and look how well the series is doing now. Can someone start a petition to show there is great interest?

  9. Sounds like he’s seeing the SWITCH as a Wii U 2.0- While IT’S CLEARY NOT! I thought devs main purpose in this video game business was to make money? Lol. Put the game on SWITCH & watch it sells through the roof!!

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