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Terraria For Nintendo Switch Still In Development

We haven’t heard too much about the Nintendo Switch version of Terraria but the developers have promised that it is still in development for the system. The team plans to reveal more about the popular sandbox title for the Nintendo Switch, and also mobile, when they are ready to do so.

Thanks to Magitroopa for the news tip!

13 thoughts on “Terraria For Nintendo Switch Still In Development”

    1. The factors are various. It can be the number of the developers, if they are few they cannot do a port in just no time.

      Also I don’t know what game engine they used to make this game. If it’s Unity the port it’s simple but if it’s another one who doesn’t have a full support from the devkit of the Switch then the process is long

    2. I think I read somewhere they were trying to unify the game code so all versions supported from now on would be on the same version of the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were shooting for cross network multiplayer. They were trying to fix the main game on PS4 and Xbox. Meanwhile another company Pipeworks is porting the game to Switch and I think the Mobile version too. They said they announced the Switch version way too early, and that they need the source code to be finalized before they can really move.

      A tweet by the team showed Terraria on Switch up and running. Said no news of a release date but it’s already playable.

      It’s frustrating. But it’ll probably be good when it’s done.

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  3. The Terraria devs have really fallen off in the past 6 months, specifically pipeworks. They released the 1.3 update on consoles and it was bugged bad, the patch was released but fixed almost nothing, they wanted “feedback” About the patch and 99% of the community wanted the old UI back but they said they will not bring it back… So what’s the point of a feedback thread if they’re not going to do anything about it? The thread is now basically a bug report thread as they ignore feedback… Pipeworks has almost every position available on their website now so it’s safe to assume everyone quit… They gave up on console apparently. So why would I look forward to the switch port, give them more money, if they’re just going to be lazy after they release it and ignore any feedback about it? Terraria is a company full of liars, if a release is stalled due to a lack of staff, they give the community lies and excuses that sound sweet so they at least LOOK competent. The games dying, the community’s dead and we’re supposed to be excited for another release? Don’t get your hopes up, I won’t.

      1. I kinda disagree. Being harsh would be me saying how they deleted content such as bosses and many many items JUST to make the game easier for their devs to port it into UNITY, for their convenience of course while lying to the customers saying the reason is “because it doesn’t fit our vision of the game”… They’re incompetent in short.

    1. It might be important to note that the console version of Terraria isn’t made by the same devs as the original PC version.
      That doesn’t really help, but I though I just put that out there.

      1. Pipeworks was mentioned.

        They did the console port and unfortunately, they’re also doing the switch port.

  4. Nintendo First Order General Alex213

    Terraria 3ds version is absolute ideal with easy gameplay. I not use touch screen on mine Switch in no game actual. Switch screen is not good for stylus and fingers is greasy. But maybe Switch port is not a bad idea :)

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