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The Upcoming Kirby Star Allies Update Will Have Kirby 64 Levels “Specially Arranged For Kirby Star Allies”

The Kirby Star Allies Nintendo Switch news channel has revealed more details on the Kirby Star Allies update that is planned to release on July 27th. Apparently, “if you play with Adeleine & Ribbon as Guest Stars after completing the main story, youโ€™ll get to take on brand-new maps! Have fun painting your way through classic Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards stages specially arranged for Kirby Star Allies. Thereโ€™s a very memorable map at the end which fans may remember”.

Source: Kirby Star Allies Switch News Channel

16 thoughts on “The Upcoming Kirby Star Allies Update Will Have Kirby 64 Levels “Specially Arranged For Kirby Star Allies””

  1. I’ve already sold my copy. It’s NICE, don’t get me wrong… it’s nice to have some throwback levels when you do the tour as a certain character… but it’s such a small amount of different content. I really just don’t know what HAL is doing here with all these characters and comparatively fewer levels and modes to play them in.
    I mean… maybe the 3DS games just spoiled me idk

    1. HAL decided to focus more on some experiment like making a full HD graphics Kirby game and bringing, from the GameCube project, the possibility to play with 4 characters, for characters I mean some Kirby allies from various games and not only MK, DDD and BD.

      This to me isn’t the best Kirby game but still I have to play adventure mode with all the characters and if you play with only Kirby the games is a bit harder to beat.

      1. It is gorgeous but almost a hard compromise for 30 FPS.
        After the Marx, Gooey, and Trio update, I completed everything with every character (due to my completionist compulsions) and I, when it was all over, I just felt like I wasted my time. And then I saw they were just adding more characters.

        IDK… maybe it’s more enjoyable as a multiplayer experience but I’m playing by myself. And Robobot was just so good… I guess I had the bar pretty high as far amount of content and bosses and enjoyable side games.

      2. I’m not saying it’s a bad game. j I just think the content is getting pretty lopsided on characters vs stages/modes

  2. Awesome!!! I Can`t Wait Until The Release Of This Update Hopefully They Add Adeleine Boss Battle Scenery Or The First Or The Second Level Scenery From Kirby 64 And The Crystal Shards

  3. I really think that Nintendo should stop comprising difficulty for the sake of attracting new noob players. They should include casual and core gamer modes when you start the game. I feel like they ruined Kirby with Star Allies because, despite the game looking gorgeous, it is far from engaging.

    Also, this game is not enjoyable at all if played Solo, this should be a disclaimer when you start the game.

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