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Did You Know Gaming? Takes A Look At Super Mario Odyssey

At the moment, Did You Know Gaming? has been taking a look at last year’s major Switch releases. One of them, obviously, was Super Mario Odyssey. So, as the team say in the video description, “Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs from Super Mario Odyssey”. The video can be seen down below. Feel free to check it out.



  1. Strange they took a new game. oh wait youtube bait. I’m amazing how they can daily fill the fanboy Switch channels with content, like wtf do you talk about whole time ? It’s not a new computer but a closed system with games and lot’s of ports, that’s it. Insane and desperate, can’t see them keep the momentum up for years, people will burn out from Switch.

      1. Do you really think I’m gonna write and essay for you, so your small brains can understand. Puzzle it all together yourself and if you don’t care, why the replying and bothering me ? Trolling ?

  2. I can tell you realize you can’t stop now, but please do. You’re hurting my eyes.

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