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US: Pre-order Pokemon: Let’s Go! From Pokemon Centre And Get A Free Pikachu Or Eevee Plush Key Chain

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! are a way off as they aren’t being released until November. However, retailers are keen to get you to pre-order the lucrative games with them. The latest retailer to announce pre-order bonuses is the Pokemon Centre online. Pre-order with them, and you can get either a free Pikachu or Eevee plush key chain, which you can see below.



15 thoughts on “US: Pre-order Pokemon: Let’s Go! From Pokemon Centre And Get A Free Pikachu Or Eevee Plush Key Chain”

  1. TriggeredByMycomment

    LOL physical game, if you loose or Switch get stolen you can rebuy the game again. Digital all day baby. Fast loading, forever on your account, still available when hardware lost, no swapping, no standing up for switching game, and no house full of plastic from china, full game digital, unlike physical that still has version 1.0.

    U mad ?

    1. You forgot to mention that once they shut down the Switch’s eShop (like what they’re currently doing with the Wii’s) then you cannot redownload them after deletion, a failed hard drive/sd card, or if you lose or break that Switch.

      Oh and one more, if you buy a game and you want to borrow it to a friend or if you end up not liking it and want to get some of your money back- too bad for you.

      1. TriggeredByMycomment

        Yeah, but I’m not a kid anymore I buy only good games, I don’t get fooled by hype.
        If you by Nintendo and I only buy AA Nintendo you always get the best.

        I never had to trade in a game, because all Nintendo games are good.

        A physical game can also fail over time, or do you want to ignore the old Pokemon cartridges who got wiped or broke over time, You think Switch games last forever ?

        My micro SD card is from a good brand and is just as safe, if not stronger since it’s a storage brand, unlike the cheap cartridge brands Nintendo uses.

        You can still re- download Wii games, and I don’t mind they shut down the store because in 20 years,

        Guess what ?

        They release the virtual console version of that game or remake.

        Still sitting on your so much valued Xenoblade Wii ? Aaaah too bad bro, we have 3DS version and Wii U virtual Console 10 bucks, no more basement sellers overpricing or pretending this is the only way we can play.

        All Nintendo games will be remade or brought back on the future hardware shops.
        Or do you gonna play some crappy port game made for Switch in 20 years from a 3 party ?

        Nope, only Nintendo AA and AA = remake, or new virtual release.

        Wanna bet I can still play all my games digital in 20 years. Where will your plastic boxes be in 20 years, all on a pile of ruble with the CD,s the Casette, the vinyl and other old, old crap hard drive media.

        Get it ? The media will still exist and adapted to new tv’s later on, your old hard drive media don’t.

        Man I’m so glad I escaped from the greed, hoarding mentality of these game collectors,
        you guys not gonna fool me again.
        Nice clean house, modern, no need to stand up for switching game,
        no kid bags to carry around full of games ( like the first game boy era ), only need the Switch and a small case. Direct download on release night.
        No more middle man stores and waiting in stinking sweaty lines at the front desk.

        Peace !

      2. TriggeredByMycomment

        It’s like I’m arguing with a guy trying to convince me I should buy all Physical Apps/games in boxes on a card for my iPhone. So I can swap a card every time I wanna start a new app/game.

        I Just can’t imagine that anymore, after Steam and the smartphone revolution, the cartridge swapping is over.

        Even Nintendo knows, more attention and love to eshop, PayPal payments No booklet anymore in physical.

        In 2 gens it’s over. Thank god, go play on your floppy disks some prince of Persia.

      3. You’re a bit offbase about the difference between SD cards and cartridges. Even if you buy a great SD card, multiple writes to it will deteriorate it over time. Rewriteable storage holds data for a fraction of what read-only can. The 3DS and Switch use cartridges that implement ROM meaning that they cannot be written to. Similar to NES/SNES/N64/etc these cartridges don’t have to worry about losing the data that was permanently stamped to them if you properly take care of them.

        Pokemon games still function but some of them can’t save because the battery within the cartridge that keeps the persistent save data is dead. You can fix this buy opening them up and replacing the battery. It’s actually not that hard. The Switch won’t ever have this problem because save data is stored on the system.

        You also seem to think that every Nintendo game will get a re-release and yet we still have people clamoring for Melee HD or Mario Sunshine HD. What about all the games that won’t ever be re-released because licensing issues? What about the ones that publishers won’t port because they don’t see it as a worthwhile investment?

        Lastly, you seem to think that you will enjoy every game that you buy. Just because something was rated highly doesn’t mean you yourself will like it. The latest Pokemon games or Animal Crossing New Leaf are examples of games that have received glowing reviews and I’ve bought in the past but personally couldn’t get into. As much as I and many others absolutely loved BotW, there are also those who couldn’t get into it as well. It’s nice to be able to borrow, loan, and trade-in games specifically because of this.

        Physical sales are indeed shrinking but physical media will never die out because a lot of consumers prefer it. It’s actually very similar to how some fanatics were shouting from the rooftops the death of actual books after the Kindle and ebooks took off. Paper books still account for about half of sales.

    2. What about when the digital shop is shutdown eventually? When the hardware eventually breaks with no place to redownload the games on to a new console you lose the ability to play all of those games, and that is more likely to happen than a burglar breaking into the house. If it wasn’t for that I’d go entirely digital.

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