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Mega Man X Collections Feature Easy Mode Called ‘Rookie Hunter Mode’

If you find the iconic Mega Man X franchise a little too tricky for your liking then you will be glad to know that Capcom has added an easy mode to the collection. The easy mode is titled Rookie Hunter Mode which Siliconera reports can be toggled both in-game and in the main menu. It means your damage will be halved. The site also reports that while playing Rookie Hunter mode in both Mega Man X4 to X8 you won’t get deaths from spikes and bottomless pits.


28 thoughts on “Mega Man X Collections Feature Easy Mode Called ‘Rookie Hunter Mode’”

  1. That’s good to hear. I want Capcom to know people still care about Megaman, but those game can be so hard. Now I don’t have to choose.

  2. So hyped for these games! First ill pass X4 and X5 in less than an hour (or just about) and then I’m jumping straight into X8, the only X game I never got to play. Such a shame that Command Mission isn’t on it, since it’s technically an X game.

  3. Mega Man X Collections should have featured 2 physical cartridges with both collections instead of a half physical/half digital ripoff that’s being called a so called “physical release:/
    Capcom, the cheap bastardsO_O

    1. They would’ve either ate the cost and given it to is for $40, like now, or they would’ve have to charge us more for that to be possible. They could’ve also gotten bigger cartridges and it wouldve cost them more for as well, but then again,. They would’ve ate the cost or charged us more.

      With that though, they would’ve gotten a bigger backlash for the higher price on remastered games. It was honestly a lose lose situation for them. At least here, they don’t lose money AND we don’t get charged more.

  4. Now I may consider touching the Mega Man X series, since they’re now nerfing difficulty for modern-day players. I’m already having my hands filled with Crash Bandicoot (1).

    Accessibility vs some masochist’s “GIT GUD” one-liner

    1. You say this like Mega Man X is a hard game. Friend, I have the dexterity of a rhino with an inner ear problem. I can barely legibly write my own name. Mega Man X took me about a day and a half to 100% when I was around 13. This is not hair pullingly difficult OG Mega Man we’re talking about here. Once you go gear collecting, you functionally have 4 life bars.

  5. But the X series is already so much easier than the original games (the crappy design of X6 notwithstanding), and they’re very short if you never have to try a stage multiple times. I think you’re cheating yourself out of value if you try and make something like X1 easier. It is not Ghosts N’ Goblins. It isn’t even original Mega Man.

      1. That’s true, but there’s so many secrets I’m those games that make those games already easy even easier, like the haduken In X1 that one hit kills everything, or the Ultimate armors that rip through entire stages.

      2. I would actually argue that it isn’t, depending on exactly how much easier this makes it. If you make it easier to the point where you aren’t making meaningful choices with your actions, you’re not only no longer actually playing Mega Man X, you’re no longer playing a game. It happens all the time. People buy a full price game, clear it on the easiest setting in 7 hours, then declare the game too short, boring, and a rip off. Giving players the option to cheat themselves out of the experience of playing the game is never a good thing. Though obviously that all depends on what exactly “easy mode” means here.

  6. I wish Crash had an easy mode. Not actually making it easier but just getting rid of lives so I can try again from checkpoints with no limit. Some of these levels are torture.

    1. They shouldn’t have just changed the graphics in Crash, it needed to have better controls (that are actually designed for an analogue stick and not a dpad) and some of the poor collision detection improved. Getting rid of the lives would’ve helped though

  7. Well I’ll definitely be using these for those dam sigma bosses. Any Megaman is always a breeze for me but those last bosses are brutal I can’t handle those lol

  8. That’s good. Those games can be brutal at times. I tried playing them in the original X collection long ago. Couldn’t beat a single one of the games.

  9. Can’t be bothered with 2D games anymore, after finishing Tropical freeze it’s pretty hard to enjoy other 2D games, since they suck compared 2 Donkey Kong

  10. More games that are very difficult should have an easier mode for beginners or people that don’t have the time to spend hours on one stage just to get good. As long as they are optional, no need to pay attention to the ones getting upset at an optional difficulty setting. They are the type of gamers you should honestly ignore as they only care about themselves & act like an optional easier mode somehow harms them.

  11. Now theres no excuse for casual noobs to miss out on some of the best platforming games ever made and support Capcom to make more games *cough* ZX 3 and Legends 3 *cough*.

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