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Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Discusses His Idea For A Metroid Movie

IGN recently did a video interview with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Vogt-Roberts is known for directing films such as Kong: Skull Island and The Kings of Summer. Well, in the IGN video interview, he talks about how Super Metroid impacted him as a child, as well as how it inspired him and other filmmakers that grew up with video games. IGN and Vogt-Roberts then discuss an idea that Vogt-Roberts has for a Metroid movie. Here’s what he said about the matter, as well as the video interview he was in. The Metroid discussion begins 10:54 into the video.

“They’ll never let me. It’s too crazy. It legitimately would be [Samus] alone. It would be a little bit of her talking to herself. As soon as they introduce other talking characters in those games, to me it loses everything. You put her alone and it’s almost got a little bit more to do with the silence of a movie like Drive, like the quietness, and having it be like a real, intense mood piece, but mixed with sci-fi.”


24 thoughts on “Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Discusses His Idea For A Metroid Movie”

    1. Except many people start crying whenever a movie starts taking deviations from the games.

      Just look at Prince of Persia. Honestly a pretty good movie in it’s own right, yet fans panned it for not being 100% representative of the games.

  1. how about no buddy? why does everything great game need to be a movie? Metal gear is already dead because of survive, and its a fucking shame considering its my favorite game series of all time. I KNOW for a fact the movie isnt gonna appeal to me

  2. They’ve been talking about making a Metroid movie for like a decade and a half and nothing has come from it. If they do it right then i will see it otherwise I’m not interested if they do a bad job.

  3. If they are going to make the movie like the game, I’d rather play it as a game.
    I think movies based on games are only going to work when the movie does something that the video game could never do… like Zelda movie where Link is a coward con-man since he never could be as a player-controlled character.
    As far as Metroid goes… I really can’t see anything that would make it a) stand out as a sci-fi thriller or b) be more entertaining as a video game.

  4. I thought Other M was the Metroid movie that we never wanted (although personally, I enjoyed it. It’s a decent game, just not a great Metroid experience.)

    1. I need to eventually go back and beat it (I would like to play all the games in chronological order), I stopped at the Metroid Queen, but I can admit some of the controls went over my hand at the time and I can go back and play it better.

  5. This is exactly who I would want directing a Metroid film. Sell it with atmosphere. Could be absolutely stellar. Better yet, give it a claustrophobic B-movie budget and remove the need for it to make $500m at the box office and see it really shine. It’s one franchise where a fantastic cult classic film would actually be a huge boon. The slow thoughtfulness of a film like Alien (an inspiration for Metroid) would be so much better than a CGI action extravaganza. However, I think we all know of a Metroid film ever gets made that’s exactly what it’ll be >_>

  6. That perspective is a commendable one, and would likely make for a very unique movie. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to sell companies and general audiences on it. It would be cool, but it would probably be doomed to fail.

  7. I like his idea to a degree. Have the movie start off with Samus visiting some people that give her the mission to go to Zebes & eliminate the Space Pirates. 5-10 minutes of the opening scene being the meeting & her leaving to go to Zebes. Use flashbacks here & there in the film to give some back story on Samus’ past. By using flashbacks, they effectively keep Samus alone on the planet & keep that feeling of isolation going. As for at least two key flashbacks, one for Ridley & one for Mother Brain. The Ridley flashback can occur when she reaches Ridley & sees him hovering in the air above her (or lands in front of her.) Something similar to the Ridley reveal in Other M in the pyrosphere (minus the PTSD scene; or maybe with a PTSD clip since it’d make more sense (for some people) as this will be her first fight with Ridley.) The flashback would obviously pertain to when the space pirates, led by Ridley, attacked the colony she was living on with her parents when she was little. The Mother Brain flashback would be when she first saw it as a kid during her time on Zebes with her adoptive Chozo parents. If you want, make her a little older (late 00s/early teens) and tie her first meeting with Mother Brain in with her getting the augmented Power Suit built for her for the first time. This would be my template for the first movie in a Metroid movie series, anyway, if I was a movie/screenplay writer.

  8. The movie stars Ridley, who is never picked for any games because his peers think he is too big. At the end of the movie, Ridley comes to terms with his size and the others finally accept Ridley for who he is and let him play with them.

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