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NoReload Heroes Arrives On The Nintendo Switch On July 19th

NoReload Heroes is a “chaotic co-op party shooter for up to four people. You play as a team, fighting your way through randomly generated rooms filled with various types of enemies, picking up insane magitech guns on the way”. Today, a listing for the game showed up in the Nintendo Switch eShop. NoReload Heroes will be releasing on the console on July 19th for $9.99. NoReload Heroes is developed by Stupid Stupid Games. Although they published the Steam version, Forever Entertainment is handling publishing duties for the Switch version.

Source: Nintendo Switch eShop

6 thoughts on “NoReload Heroes Arrives On The Nintendo Switch On July 19th”

    1. PlaystationFirstOrder

      Should have bought a PS4, Switch is hot garbage like Wii, everyone dumping their Unity games on it for a desperate switch community who have to wait another year for next Nintendo game.

      Once the Wii, I mean the Switch gimmicks get old and people realize a decent phone is enough for quick toilet or outside gaming, than it’s pretty much Wii 2 all over again, lost of dust, lot’s of bending.

      Oh well, at least the Switch commercials where promising ( lots of girls ) and Regie is soooo cool, everything fine, no worries.


      Thx for the money, see you in 3 years for the next revolution in gimmicks. A controller that only goes arm length far in bluetooth connection and Wifi speeds at 20Mbits/s LUUUUUULLLLL

      1. Remember kids, don’t feed the ̶N̶e̶c̶k̶b̶e̶a̶r̶d̶s̶ jebaiters, they may start out small, but when fed enough misplaced hatred and 14 year old angst (Looking at you, you know who you are.) they grow into people with mental health issues and a deep resentment of themselves. Don’t break the trolls, because in time and with careful conservation efforts on behalf of the N.I.D.S foundation, we can turn them into productive members of society. You can donate at 1-800-wasted-time.

      2. @DesignsByBoi But, you just replied to the troll and fed him ? Kinda like telling people to watch out for a trap while stepping into a trap at the same time. Amazing isn’t it.

        It just screams to me you are upset and triggered. You try so hard to shut him down. Calling other people trolls every time is just = censoring. Because upset.

  1. PlaystationFirstOrder

    Perfect for nintendo gamers, that’s all they need this summer. It’s portable and you guys need awesome games to play on the airplane and meet girls with your switch

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