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Hello Neighbor Is Coming To The Switch On July 27th

Another familiar game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. A Nintendo Switch eShop page for Hello Neighbor has appeared, confirming that the game will release on July 27th for $40. There will be a digital release, as well as a physical one. As for what the game is, Hello Neighbor is “a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor’s house to figure out what horrible secrets he’s hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move”.


10 thoughts on “Hello Neighbor Is Coming To The Switch On July 27th”

    1. You are projecting your disappointment of realizing the Nintendo Switch is getting every game that gamers want.

      1. Lol is this what you tell yourself ? What gamers want ? A REAL gamer want’s MMO’s, big map shooters, Mario & Zelda not this Flash, iOS, unity 3D garbage that you learn to make if you follow Game development online.

        No gamer in the world ever asked for it and the casuals are on the iPad and care less about Switch since iPad or iPhone also is a phone, mail, sms, gps, internet, facebook, social media, WhatsApp, multiplayer games with people on your facebook or contact list ( so a lot more than your Switch friend list, for sure )

        Real gamers are playing Pc now on mechanical keyboard and 144Hz display.
        Real gamers played Mario, Zelda and tropical freeze all rest is pure “I wanna get rich fast” garbage.

      2. Self-entitled “Real Gamers”: Let’s start citing some “real-gamer” accomplishments since, apparently, you guys/gals are worthy of acquiring such titles?

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