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Japan: Octopath Traveler Sold Through 90% Of Its Initial Shipment

Octopath Traveler has been a massive success in Japan, and the latest sales data from Dengeki Online gives more evidence of this. According to the sales data, Octopath Traveler sold through 90% of its initial shipment in Japan. 110,000 physical units were sold during a three-day period. This does not include any digital purchases of the game.

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10 thoughts on “Japan: Octopath Traveler Sold Through 90% Of Its Initial Shipment”

      1. The environments in this game have a 3d effect and I think it would be cool if you can use gyro to tilt the perspective and peak around corners.

  1. Great! this means that square Enix can go all in on the switch and gives us more exclusives like bravery default

  2. F=M a. That is all that is needed to be said right this moment. Nintendo showing all its old friends the way.

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