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Wii U Replaces Virtual Boy In The Gamer Minigame For WarioWare Gold

Gamer is among the recurring minigames featured in WarioWare Gold. The minigame, which was initially introduced in Game & Wario, originally displayed a Virtual Boy in the character 9-Volt’s bedroom. However, in WarioWare Gold, the ill-fated console is replaced by a Wii U alongside a Wii U GamePad. You can compare both versions via the embedded screenshots below. WarioWare Gold is set to launch on August 3 for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.


30 thoughts on “Wii U Replaces Virtual Boy In The Gamer Minigame For WarioWare Gold”

    1. Well, they also added the nes, SNES and N64 to the bottom of the shelf. But I was going to make the same joke XD

  1. Sad. Virtual Boy was more appealing to look at. Hope they don’t make that change in Smash Ultimate (probably won’t)

  2. I miss the Wii U gamepad. The joysticks are better so is the position. Also the wireless connection was top notch and really underrated. Way better than Joycons, can’t even move my leg or they already lag behind.

    Joy con needed revision fast !

    1. The switch in general needs a revision fast. Dock scratches the screen, the switch can bend, reports of cracking, joy cons are cheap garbage etc.

      Cue the “but mine hasnt had any problems” comments. Selfish assholes that only care about themselves and nintendo’s pockets.

    2. That’s kinda true. I mean overall I love the Switch for what it is way more than I did love the WiiU but the Joycons really feel a bit rushed. My left Joycon’s analog stick is a bit broken as at some point it would always move to the left without input. calibrating didn’t help. And yeah, the signal is interrupted pretty fast. And that sliding-mechanism is a bit broken on both Joycons so they wouldn’t stick in position and slide out too easily. And m not even a very hardcore gamer who heavy uses this system or treats it too harsh.
      Tried to play Hollow Knight only with the Joycon’s digital-‘pad’ because of that analog-stick issue. after 5 minutes my left handfell off as it’s not playable like that.

  3. I don’t know what happened to Wii U. Just bad luck or timing, cause the console itself is just fine.

    1. iPad happend, the Wii Sports casuals cared less about Wii 2.0 when the iPad and smartphone revolution started. Everyone was one facebook and phones playing FarmVille and stuff.

      Steve Jobs kinda wrecked the market, now people need to be more careful spending cash since the smartphones and iPads take a good part out of the wallet on holidays and Nintendo, Sony, other all felt it too well.

      The market will never be the same again, but ok, competition is good for us.

  4. I am not sure if this is intended to be an insult to the Wii U, but I think I am use to it by now. We got Megaman in Ultimate, so I have one less reason to defend the Wii U. I know Megaman was in Smash bros for the 3DS as well, but it is not the same. Now we do not have to choose between play anywhere, good graphics, and Megaman.

    1. yeep… and the wii was a flop (not in hype and selling but for hc gamers).
      the U wanzed the same success and faild, because the audience dident realize its another console propartly the had the wii… why another one?
      for all the gamers the u was not enough power.
      the wii u was like the wii should be.
      i love the u some good games but
      disappointed from nintendo.
      no power…

  5. “However, in WarioWare Gold, the ill-fated console is replaced by the ill-fated Wii U.”

    In all honesty, though, kinda sad to see the Virtual Boy go, but I’m sure it’ll pop up again somewhere else.

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