Official Game & Wario Website Opens


The official website for Game & Wario has opened. On the website, you can view screenshots and information on each of the 16 mini-games featured within the game. Game & Wario will be released at both retail the Nintendo eShop for Wii U on June 23rd. If you want to help Wario release his first Wii U game, support his Crowdfarter campaign.


    1. Good one!! Man you r a smart one. So funny and original…..

    2. So sad this xbots have nothing else to than to try and troll true video game consoles.

    3. Having trouble with your future VHS VCR DVR xbot. It is a pity you have sunk to trolling a true gaming system.

  1. Wario should be featured in more triple A games. I don’t think he’s established enough to warrant standalone titles. Make him playable more often, but not central- like in SM64DS. Or give him villian roles. Anyway, hope it sells well…

      1. That’s a good idea. I get sick of seeing the same boss over and over in NSMB… Why dont they switch it up a bit!

        They should kill the NSMB series and rename it something else and move. Make a new sidescrolling Mario game!

  2. Why is there a lot of hate towards this game? At least I feel even fans are laughing at it.

          1. You ever play the Wario ware games ? Amazing games well worth their price. SO will this.

  3. why would i pay 40$ on this game!!! tell me why would i want to besides that well somebody might want to because there a fan. hmmmmm any other nintendo game coming out or this. really thats my reasons and probably so many others.

    1. Look at these childish crappers. No boobs,no explosions, no unneccessary yelling or alcohol and tobacco use. My god! No QTE’s or ripped dudes on motorcycles chomping on cigars. What is this crap?!? We need violence and “maturity” for it to b a good game. At least one QTE sex scene. Sony is much better.

    1. they have been smoking the reaver too much……. there like nice green and then they eat shit because they get the munchies……

  4. If this game cost $19.99 I would consider it, $40 though, that’s a big pass, maybe if it had online multiplayer games.

  5. “Use the GamePad to control Ashley’s flying broom. If Ashley runs into walls too often, she’ll stop moving until you use the touchpad to pat her head and make her feel better.”

    Day one for me.

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