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Amazon UK No Longer Offering £2 Pre-order Discount From 7th August

Amazon UK has begun emailing customers subscribed to its Prime service to inform that that the £2 discount you receive if you pre-order a game with the company is coming to an end. £2 wasn’t much to begin with, but it was obviously better than nothing. Amazon US still seems to be offering their generous 20% discount but if that changes then we shall let you know.


4 thoughts on “Amazon UK No Longer Offering £2 Pre-order Discount From 7th August”

  1. Well I’ll probably be buying all my games on ShopTo now, Amazon will likely be as expensive/more expensive once you take rewards into account

  2. Bait & Switch for get all customers in with amazing prices and destroy competition.
    Once the monopoly is set, increase prices.

    Just like Netflix and PS4 yearly price increase in Monthly sub, so will the Switch monthly sub increase over time.

    You see, the 20 bucks per year is just bait. OR you think in 2021 they will give you for 20 dollars per year SNES, N64 or even gamecube games per month with online.

    Free Nes games is the first year. Can’t keep selling subs for years with only same Nes games, you see ?

  3. If Amazon US takes away their discount, I may start preordering games from GameStop again so I can get reward points. If not, Amazon for the sheer convenience of having the game shipped to my doorstep/mailbox on day one.

  4. I’m still cruising along with Best Buy Gamers Club for another year or so. Even without it I may keep buying there for the credit card rewards, or maybe start buying at target for an instant 5% off using their card. I’ve got some time before then.

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