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Japan: Hori Reveals Super Mario, The Legend Of Zelda And Pikachu GameCube Switch Controllers

Peripheral manufacturer Hori has revealed three new designs in their GameCube Classic Controller for Nintendo Switch range. The designs are based on Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pikachu. Japanese Nintendo reports that they are wired USB controllers and are due to be released this October priced up at ¥3,218.


25 thoughts on “Japan: Hori Reveals Super Mario, The Legend Of Zelda And Pikachu GameCube Switch Controllers”

    1. All that just for an emblem etched on? I mean the emblem couldn’t really cost that much to make? Especially if there are enough cough bozos cough I mean fans go for it. The plastic comes from slave labor in China where they are payed only a couple Yen a day and a bowl of rice. They have suicide barriers around many of their buildings.

    2. Not to take sides but that is why Trump is doing the Tarriffs as it’s something that should’ve been done 30 YEARS ago to encourage American made products and other nations should follow suit. Japan outsourced a while ago and before they had gotten REALLY good at long lasting products. All our Japanese made products lasted beyond it’s life time.

      What he doesn’t get is within that time a majority of the investors got up and fled taking not only their money with them but the tools to make things with them. The tools to make the tools are not here anymore and we are left with idiots who want to smoke dope and the few remaining rich that really don’t give a crap. They are more then likely to old beyond retirement to have any incentive to care.

    3. The products (materials) of Nintendo are made in China at reduced cost (slave labor) but put together at Nintendo HQ’s before being shipped so essentially your getting not as good as it could be. There was a time in the Bush era when American products went all they way gone you had a choice between Chinese crap or Japan electronics which were very good and durable. Like Link having one of his best 40 shields that take a lot of damage. Sneaking in where random products made from Korea and Mexico which were also crap. Those were your Boko Shields and spears that are for when your REALLY desperate.

    4. China will make a knock off Guardian shield calling it authentic but within all the prettyness it’s no more durable then a 20 shield.

    1. Plug in a GameCube adapter like the mayflash and two GameCube controllers. They both control player one. One can control the kart and one controls the items. Bam! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Double Dash.

  1. What’s so special about the GC controller? I mean, yeah, it’s cool and has an iconic design, but I don’t see why so many people think it’s so fantastic. It’s an alright controller.

    1. As someone who grew up with a gamecube in the house. The controller is merely just comfortable to hold and has a nice button layout.
      I don’t think it’s any better than the current pro controller or anything like that, but I’ll still be using gamecube controllers for games like Smash Ultimate.

      1. I mean, I have a GameCube, the controllers are alright. I understand what you mean, though.

        And yeah, I will try out the GC controller with Smash Ultimate. I want that GC adapter. 😆

  2. This is awesome. Sounds like Nintendo is fully unlocking GC controller support. Right now the left joy stick and D pad are one function. And C stick doesn’t work.

    1. I’ve had the GameCube to Wii U Controller Adapter plugged into my Switch since November and it works just like a regular Pro Controller, just without the clicky sticks or ZL or minus.

  3. So the only thing different between them is the color & the emblem? Pfft. Be better off just buying a regular GCN controller for Switch, paint it the color you want, then put a sticker of the emblem you want on it.

    1. No didn’t you see the picture and read it? It has WAY more buttons than a regular Gamecube controller so that you can play literally any game on it (likes ones that requires 2 triggers and 2 bumpers, minus buttom, added functionallty with screen shot and home buttons). And they are usb so there is no need for an adapter for this one, you plug it in and you’re ready to go.

  4. Will this be the typical poor quality of third party controllers? I don’t trust these as far as I can kick them. I’d love a Nintendo first party GCN pad, with the additional buttons required to make it compatible with all Switch games and, most importantly, make it wireless!

  5. For all the skeptics out there, Hori makes excellent products (unlike most 3rd-party controllers). So I wouldn’t be surprised if these turn out to be excellent as well.

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